A Spanking Before Bed



A Spanking Before Bed


Serenity Rayne and David Pierson




Serenity had been sentenced to a spanking at bedtime for streaming her favorite shows rather than doing her chores. After many a warning, it has finally come to this. She was having a hard time believing that her father would actually follow through with spanking a girl of her age. It seemed preposterous.

After her father entered the room, Serenity could not keep herself from bratting when discussing the reason she found herself in this predicament. Once over her father’s lap, a feeling of dread descended over her and she begged not to be spanked. She yelled out as her father’s hand landed hard upon her bottom.

She had hoped that even if she had to accept a spanking she could maintain at least some modicum of dignity by not yelling out or flailing about. After a few whacks, this desire was forgotten and all she could do was beg for her punishment to stop.

When her PJ bottoms came down, the brat knew she was in serious trouble and after a few swats she kicked and moved her bottom in fruitless desire to avoid her father’s hand.


As her father’s hand descended time and time again upon her bare bottom, Serenity had given up all hope of any maintenance of composure and could but plead for her spanking to end, promising to always do her chores. Once her spanking was over, Serenity was required to stand in the corner with her very red bottom on display.





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I had the best time working with Serenity. Such the lovely brat.


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