A Time To Remember

It is hard to believe that it was three years ago when Rick, my brother, best friend  and partner in PB spent his final Thanksgiving with us. He was such a brilliant man and a talented film maker. He worked for us right up until his death. I kid you not. I found video in his editing computer that could only have been done but days before his death. I do apologize for my indulgence here.  He was a key player in what we did. He was wise. He knew how handle matters when there was conflict.

Anything I know about shooting, I learned from him. He loved this song. It was sung at his memorial. Just felt the need to  say but a few words as other changes approach.


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8 Responses to “A Time To Remember”

  • Michael valentine:

    I was speaking to my father yesterday and he started a new tradition around his Thanksgiving table (he lives in NC so we aren’t together). He asked each person around the table to remember someone who is no longer with us who they are thankful to have known.

    I can’t think of a better time of year to remember the people who have meant the most to us.

    I don’t think it is all indulgent. All of the Punished Brats fans benefitted from Rick’s gifts while he was alive and continue to do so through the gifts that he passed on to you.

    Although I never met Rick, I feel his presence every time you tell a story about him, or remark that you can feel his hand slapping you in the back of the head :-).

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and all your other fans!

  • Bobbie Jo:

    I understand.

  • Mr. P, I am so thankful to have met you during the most unpleasant shoot of my career which ended up having a positive outcome. I had wanted to work with Punished Brats since I saw your ad on modelmayhem looking for tops. You said that I was too youthful to top, but you could hire me as a brat.
    During that time, I recall you writing me back and telling me briefly of your brother’s illness and you felt bad for keeping me on hold so long. That’s a lot to go through and I can’t even imagine.
    Rick seemed like a really awesome guy and I wish that I could have met him…I am sure we would have liked his style. I know you miss him terribly and feel a little lost without him there. YHowever, you do a great job and are just at a bit of a crossroads; trying to hold on to tradition while exploring your own creativity. It will all smooth out for you and you’ll find your own “process.” You’ve been banging out some pretty sexy, spanktastic stuff lately…and it’s not just because I’m in them. Well, that definitely helps lol! Hehehe!

  • Audrey , my darling , you actually brought tears to my eyes. Yes, I have felt lost without rick and pixie. That was the team. I miss the activity that went on before each shoot. Everyone had a job to do. You have been one of my closest friends ovrr the past two years. Without support from you, joelle and Michael I don’t know what I’d do. I think the material that we’ve been putting out is terrific .what we shot last week will be amazing. You put yourself out there. You gave us the gift of your beauty , pain and tears. Major treasures all.

  • Yes love, it helps that you are in them.

  • Tim:

    Audrey is great at P.B. ,best from ,Tim.