A Very Busy Shoot Schedule




Well, we’ve been busy here in the land of the Punished Brat. It was just a week ago when we shot a production that was written and produced by Michael Valentine and features Joelle Barros. I’ve edited a few pics for you.




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I know you will love this story Much more on that later.


This Saturday we are back in the studio to shoot the lovely Laci Star.



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We are happy to say that Veronica Bound will be spanking Miss Laci.



Veronica hasn’t been on our set since October. ¬†Shortly after that shoot, V suffered a serious leg injury when struck by a car.





One week later we are back to shoot a commissioned work.

The brat will be Mandie Rae. Miss Rae made her debut on PB last night and the feedback from the fans has been amazing. We are happy you liked the opening. I suspect that the scenes that come later will prove just a bit more controversial .

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Who will be spanking her? How about Amber Pixie Wells. Pixie requested this one. Pixie is one of the best spankers in the business. A combination of grace, technique and power.


This will be special






Don’t believe me? Ask Audrey.


If you liked last nights update with Mandie AKA Demandie tell her so.


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