Act Your Age- Full Movie ( by popular demand)



Act Your Age


Adriana Evans and Veronica Bound


Chapter 1: Fateful Tantrum





Adriana had picked a bad time to defy her mother. She had gone out with her friends despite being told that she was not to leave the house before her chores where done. When she returned home to get her camera she was confronted by her mother for not respecting her instructions. Adriana informed her mother that, at her age, her social life was more important than any stupid chores. In response, Veronica grounded her daughter, took away her cell phone and computer privileges. “You are such a bitch!” Adriana shouted at her mother while stomping her feet. Veronica left her daughter for but a moment and returned with pajamas and panties suitable for a seven year old to wear, but humiliating for a girl of Adriana’s age. Adriana was stripped of her adult clothes and dressed in pink “Pretty Princess” PJs and frilly panties. After a time out to cool down, Adriana found herself taken over her mother’s lap for a spanking. As her panties were lowered the bratty daughter pleaded “Not on the bare!” Adriana was shocked and then angry as her mother stripped off the clothes that signified her as an attractive young adult girl, replacing them with the sleepwear of a young child. As she was taken over her mother’s lap for her spanking, she was overwhelmed with many intense feelings. With confusion and anger that she, as a young woman, was to be spanked, then experienced the horror and humiliation when her panties were lowered. Soon, she was but filled with the intense desire for this painful punishment to stop. Once her spanking was concluded, she was made to kneel on the stairs in the corner, frilly undies down, red bottom on display. Kneeling there in the corner, dressed in her “Pretty Princess” PJs and bare red bottom on display, Adriana had an overwhelming feeling of shame.



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Chapter 2: I feel sick



Adriana did not want to go to school with the frilly panties that she was made to wear under her uniform for fear of humiliation at school. She told her mother that she felt too sick to go to school. In keeping with Adriana’s punishment, her mother took her temperature rectally and then spanked her bare bottom with a large hairbrush.



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Chapter 3 : Sneaking Computer time





Adriana was forbidden to use her cell phone or any computer. Her PJ bottoms were taken down and she was strapped for sneaking her father’s ipad into her room.



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Chapter 4: The Best Remedy






Adriana had gotten hold of her cell phone and was found chatting with a friend. Her mother took down her little girl panties and gave her a sound spanking. After the spanking Adriana called her mother a bitch. The resulted in having her mouth washed out with soap.



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Chapter 5: Further Regression





Adriana approached her mother and asked if her punishment could be at and end. When her mother declined, Adriana threw another tantrum. This time her mother came out with the intention of putting her bratty daughter in a diaper . Adriana resisted and found herself spanked to tears as her mother punished her with a leather paddle, while holding her daughter’s legs over her head, diaper position



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Chapter 6: Humiliated at School






Adriana was called to the headmaster’s office for cutting class. She was punished with a leather paddle. Her humiliation was complete when the headmaster discovered her frilly panties.



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This was a presentation requested for some time. Adriana and I discussed doing an age regression series for a time before we shot ‘Act Your Age’. I love the series but wish we had shot it a few months later as our cameras improved greatly. That is one reason that we didn’t show this full-length movie before. After a great deal of work and experimentation I feel that we made the visuals  acceptable.  I really hope that you enjoy all 53 minutes of the film.



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