Adriana’s Punishment- The Cane ( shrieks follow)



Adriana’s Punishment- The Cane




Adriana arrived for her second day of torment with much trepidation. She barely survived her twenty-five whacks with the paddle only twenty-four hours earlier. Her heart fluttered when she was informed for the infraction of possessing marijuana and being found in a compromising position with a young gentleman from the nearby school, the board is requiring that she receive twenty-five strokes of the school cane. She was positioned on the chair so that the target for the cane was best presented. Adriana was shocked by the burning pain that ran through her as the implement struck the bottom of her jeans. After receiving the first five stokes on the seat of her jeans, she was then required to remove all clothing from the waist down for the next twenty strokes . Adriana wondered how she could survive this ordeal. It was made clear to her that if she had difficulty in cooperating with the punishment she would be held in place by other instructors and her punishment would be observed by members of the student government. She was determined not to let that happen. It was humiliating enough to be punished by Dean Pierson in an exposed manner.


As the cane landed upon her naked bottom time and time again, Adriana shouted loud enough to be heard across the campus. Little did she know that Dean Pierson was impressed with her capacity to withstand this severe punishment. When most girls receive such a sentence, at some point in the process they must be held in place, but such was not the case with Adriana. With tears in her eyes, she promised not to repeat her offence.





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Now a few video grabs




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