An sense of rejection : Message to our stakeholders

To call this week a financial disaster is to call the collision of the Titanic a fender-bender. From the lack of support coming our way I can only surmise that our efforts are not to the fans liking. Most of my colleagues do not like talking finances with the fans, no do I.

 I just feel that this message needs to be made. This week has been the worst in this history or our company. What we will bring in this week, unless a bunch of you purchase memberships in the next two hours, will not even pay for our hosting.


In April, I feared our demise. By months end, all of PB’s resources had been exceeded.  Never have we gotten to that point. That meant that I had to put my personal funds into keeping this effort going. I am always struck by how a episode of piracy leads to a collapse of sales.


Fortunately, I carefully set to right our financial situation in May. Thus, we will be able to absorb the worst sales week ever.


Let me just say this, if you do not value our work by your support, soon we wll not be here. I put PB together with my own personal funds and the talents of my brpther, Rick and Amber Pixie Wells .  Since our first shoot on June, 2, 2005  through our opening as a member’s site in June 2006 I spent over $70, 000  funding the efforts that became our site . Our first day as a member’s site exceeded our expectations. For years we did well. Pixie was able to quit her job as a medical researcher and be..well pixie. Pixie is a creative partner in this effort. She designed our site.


I myself, never took a dime from the company. The money that could have gone into taking back my investment was put into the purchase of equipment.  My intention here is not to bitch and moan if that fans do not like what it is we are producing. Just letting you all know of the facts. We can not have another week such as this. The only reason I can talk of next week if that I was able to mange our finances over May. You have, perhaps, noticed that we did no productions since late April’s shoot  with Pandora Blake. That was because  I needed to put our house in order, financially speaking

Today I read Pixie’s blog. ( she never read mine or so she tells me)
Instead of her talking about baking cookies and new thoughts of spanking( this one shocked me   ”        I had been more concerned with how much discipline it can endure, taking pride in being a tough bottom.  I don’t feel the same now.  Now I find the most pleasure in the interaction when I click with a partner, the occasional bit of humor in a scene, and the range of sensations during play aside from abject, limit reaching pain.” )That’s fine, from one I’ve not even laid eyes upon since Janary 2012. Her last major on camera performance was March of 2011.
But her creative input is essential
Here is the posting

New Punished Brats DVDs

May 24th, 2013

Three new Punished Brats DVDs for sale!

Housemaid starring Pandora Blake and Veronica Bound

Medical Receptionist starring Mei Mara and Veronica Bound

Health Kick starring Joelle Barros and David Pierson

pb157       pb156        pb155

One of the responses was


I know you’ve got a business to run, Pixie, and it’s your blog so you can obviously use it as you wish, but I much prefer it when you begin a topical discussion about spanking as opposed to video advertisements.


Let me say that Pixie makes her living via Punishedbrats. Due to illness she has few other options.


The blog and url are a copyright of punishedbrats and hosted on our server.. At one point I had wanted to spin off a second site featuring Pixie. Hence,

She eventually turned this down. One of our conflicts over the years has been the way she used her blog. I never minded her use of that blog to chat about what was on her mind, but I had hoped, that every so often, she would ask for fan support. She rarely did, telling me that she did not want her forum to be a conduit of spanking spam.

 She has always announced the release of new DVDS. Her blog gets many readers a day but how many support our efforts, thus supporting her.


PB is not going away, but if we are no supported it will change. I remember getting lots of messages complaining that since the death of my brother and Pixie’s illness we lost our sense if whimsy. Well, in the past six months or so, I have not written a word. All of our stories and concepts have been the creation of Amber Pixie Wells. I directed to her scripts.



Here is what we brought you last week


 Green Drink



Joelle Baros

Lunch Break

With Mei Mara



Rules Change – part 1


Charlie Skye

Last week we started our HouseMaid series

 All written by Pixie.  I just need to say that if you value of efforts support us. If not, I will move on to other creative enterprises. Punishedbrats has always been an enterprise of spanking people for others of similar inclinations. ( Not sure I like the word Spanko)

Should you want to supprt us here is how

$17.00 for 30 days – recurring membership
$22.00 for 30 days – non-recurring
$50.00 for 90 days – non-recurring

 A recurring monthly membership is but $17.00









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12 Responses to “An sense of rejection : Message to our stakeholders”

  • Ellen:

    I have always wondered why spanking producers never ask customers for input.
    I realize everybody has different ideas, but you might learn something.

  • Tim:

    David i hope to God things improve for you and Pixie ,i tell spankos about Punished Brats ,Michelle of Cutiepies blog features you a lot in her reviews ,anyway hope things improve fot you much loved by us ,best from ,Tim as usual.

  • Hi Ellen , in almost all of my posts I do as you propose. I agree that there is much to learn. Thank you Tim .

    • Ellen:

      OK, as major buyer. I have to ask – why do you ignore a large segment of the market – those who like the harder stuff?
      I have bought everything made starring Nikki Rouge from DSH and Kelly Payne.
      I have bought many memberships from Realspankings just for Lori clips.
      I have bought many memberships from Firmhand just for the Michaela clips.

  • Ellen, thank you for your question. Look at the post above for my response.

  • I also need to say that I can’t even think of a light shoot in the past two years.

  • Mike:

    Hi David,

    So sorry to hear you guys are struggling that bad!

    We live in hard times with the credit crunch and piracy being rampant

    Our sales have dropped a bit but thank God for our loyal fanbase

    I have been doing spanking sites for 12 years now

    In answer to Ellen, yes one must listen to your customers. They are king

    Example: A lot of our members missed the Birchrod Inn French maid uniforms so my pervy mind came up with the Sexy Maid Cleaning Agency. They love it (hope you don’t mind the link)

    But David please email me with regards to a piracy issue. It’s urgent

    Anyway, keep up the good work. Don’t give up!

    Good luck!

    Warm regards


  • Thank you mike. We love suggestions. We always had a close relationship with our fans. That is why it feels like a rejection . Perhaps pixie’s absence has something to do with it. I pressed on through the death of my brother and my best friend and her illness. It can’t be as it once was. Rick is no longer with us and I have not even laid eyes upon pixie since January of 2012. That doesn’t Feel good at all.

  • Tim:

    David hope Pixie and yourself can meet up sometime if she is better of course ,best from ,Tim..

  • Badminton:

    I want to do my part for Punished Brats – Folks, if you’re enjoying PB videos whip out your credit cards and subscribe so the delightful naughty brats can continue to get their bare bottoms tanned for our viewing pleasure.

    I’m a monthly subscriber to Punished Brats and I plan to continue subscribing as long as I am financially able. PB is a truly great site for people who love traditional spanking. It occurs to me that, besides the bad economy, it could be PB is getting competition from sites that offer explicit sex in combination with corporal punishment. Personally I appreciate PB’s focus on pure spanking.

    You asked for member suggestions, here are a few; 1.) I really like embarrassing audience scenes where the brat gets spanked in front of an audience of giggling girls all during the spanking. PB has done some great audience scenes such as “Tutor Trouble” with Erica Corniva, “Brat Spat” with Bronte and Lilly Anna and “Sorority Showdown” with Pixie. I’d love to see Audrey facing an audience of 3 or 4 giggling, teasing PB girls while getting an extra good paddling or strapping. Audience scenes could become a PB specialty!; 2.) More fully nude spankings; 3.) Dunce caps – the freshly spanked brat has to put on a dunce cap while enjoying corner time. A good spanking is an embarrassing spanking I always say.

  • Hi badminton , I love those scenes too. However they cost a fortune because you need to hire several girls . We used to shoot with three brats and at least two tops. We haven’t shot that way since 2010. They cost several thousand dollars to do . The idea is one that I love. If I hire two models I have to be the top. I work cheap . We’ve done lots of fully nude spankings and look for more. Pandora was taken straight out of the tun and caned on her wet bottom .Love the dunce cap idea . Thank you for you ideas and support .