And The Award Goes ToPenny Stone

Congratulations to supernerd Penny Stone on the best new spanking star award on



My appreciation to Mr. Osbornes for his presentation . Such is a difficult thing. When I ran spreview I did a top ten in many different divisions ..spanking  as discipline..spanking with sex etc


Few were ever happy.



I agree that Penny is one of the best new faces ( bottoms) to present themselves on the scene in ages.



She has nerd appeal and the pain tolerance of anyone I’ve even known in the scene, including that blonde nymph who was , supposedly, my partner.


Here are a few pics of my favorite Cyberpunk


dean1-1 dean1-2 dean1-3 dean1-4 dean1-5 dean1-6 - Copy dean1-6 dean1-7 dean1-8 dean1-9 dean2-1 dean2-2 dean2-3 dean2-4 dean2-5 dean2-6 dean2-7 dean2-8 dean2-9 dean2-10 dean2-11 dean2-12





The above was from her first scene with me entitled ‘ The Dean Is Back’.



Penny was a star before she came our way.


Congrats to Penny





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