Apologies & Consequences – Mia’s Punishment



Apologies and Consequences – Mia’s Spanking


Mia Kay , Gianna Love and David Pierson




Mia was scared to death after seeing the severity of the spanking Gianna had just suffered. She couldn’t believe her ears when Dr Pierson told the naked girl that he wasn’t going to spank her, that her punishment would be delivered by Gianna. She felt beyond humiliated as the naked girl with the bright red bottom began to spank her. Soon, it wasn’t her dignity that concerned her, it was the pain emanating from her bottom.

Mia’s bare bottom was spanked over and over again by Gianna who dared show no mercy to her friend while under the watchful eyes of Dr. Pierson. Once the punishment was over, the two tearful, naked girls with the red bottoms stood before Dr. Pierson. He chastised them once again and informed the girls that they would spend the next two days in detention. Only Gianna understood the full meaning of this.


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This was Mia’s first spanking shoot and I think she did rather well.  She is adorable and so young



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