Are People Of Spanking Sadists?




This came to me by way of my site. I was talking about the state of the Spanking Industry and this came.


“Most spanking fans are sadistic. They want to see girls in pain, and will pay anything to get it.
Most spanking producers do not cater to that need.
Instead,  they cater to  the cutesy/giggly  crowd who will not pay  a dime to see spanking clips.
Yeah, 10 years ago I would buy anything  because it was new, and  there were few alternatives.
Those days are over.”


 Are spanking fans Sadistic? Some are, but I think most are not, except for the pain they cause me when they don’t buy memberships to PB. Just evil.


Here is my opinion:  Spanking fans like a lot of different things. Some like it explicit.


Dave of Cherry Red Report likes his spankings with exposure.


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You get the idea.


There are those who like the cute.



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By the way, The Queen Of Hearts costume worn by Beverly was sealed immediately after the scene. Undies and all. If you would like to own it, make me an offer



For me, I like stories of discipline. Shakespere was quoted as saying that play is the thing. To me, the role play is all. I need to belive in what I do. I love to do hard scenes with brats with whom I have a high level of trust.







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                                    It’s about power exhange for me.


                         When people say that we spanking light, can I tell you how much that pissies me off! It denegrates the gift that the bottom gives to her top. It is a gift not given lightly.

  My response is a few pics from a scene entitled ‘Homework Time’ with Pi.



                                      homework1-1 homework1-2 homework1-3 homework1-4 homework1-5 homework1-6 homework1-7 homework2-1 homework2-2 homework2-3 homework2-4 homework2-5

This one fill a couple of fan desires. Hard discipline and exposure


For a few days only, you can see this video in full by clicking on the image below.






That is a limited time thing.


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9 Responses to “Are People Of Spanking Sadists?”

  • dana:

    Some spanking fans, like in any group of people, are very self-absorbed. They project their desires on others, and ridicule those who they have no use for. I think you’re absolutely right, that spanking is many different things to many different people. I enjoy the basic visual and physical aspects of it, but the complexities we process between the ears is what makes it really exciting. Describing it as sadism is trite.

  • Spanking is fun, naughty, consenting and embarrassing but most of all…. sexy! XoXo

  • I agree with you both. Desire comes in many forms

  • Tim:

    Hope theyre not ,the girls mostly consent to being spanked ,best from Tim.

  • God, they all do. We adhere to safe and sound practices. Anyone see he video I posted?

  • Bobbie Jo:

    It has to be about consent and trust. I did watch the video you posted and while severe, I don’t see it as sadistic. Sadistic to me is being out of control. There is a difference between a spanking and a beating.

    In general, I think most of the people who are spankos do not go to extremes and the ones who do seem to think the rest of us are wimps. It is this attitude that creates problems within the community. It is like the attitude of some bozo who goes up to someone and tells them they will break them. That attitude is dangerous.

  • Bobbie…it is about trust.

  • Tim:

    David absolutely ,best,Tim.