Arresting Developments or Crime and the paddle





Arresting Developments



Penny Stone and Veronica Bound







Penny was picked up by the police for causing problems at the local record store. She and another girl had a disagreement regarding the merits of Patti Smith’s music. Penny ended this discussion by punching the other girl in the face. After being dropped off at home by the officer, Veronica, Penny’s governess, decided to give this self styled punk a lesson she wouldn’t forget. She bent dreadful Penny over a stool, bared her bottom and slam-danced upon her bottom with a leather strap. As the paddle fell hard upon her naked bottom, Penny made a sound that passers-by could have mistaken for a Plasmatics album.

Penny cried and pleaded with Veronica to end her punishment. She promised not to punch anyone again. When Penny arrived home she had planned to listen the Patti Smith song ‘Dancing Barefoot’ but instead she ended up standing in the corner with a red, sore bare bottom.




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Penny Stone













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Happy Thanksgiving to all. I am exceedingly grateful to all of the brats who have shot with us in the past year and to those of you who have supported us.





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