As The Snow Falls: This Week At PunishedBrats




Three Girls Caned In Malaysia- Audrey



Audrey, Adriana Evans and Ami Mercury







When Adriana returned from her caning the other girls were horrified by the state of her freshly caned bottom. When Audrey heard her named called to report to the punishment room, she was gripped by fear. Already feeling vulnerable by her nakedness, she almost cried as she attempted to move her feet in the direction on the man who would carry out her sentence. Audrey was bent over the chair and her suffering began. She screamed as the first stroke landed. She could not contain her anger and cursed as her punishment progressed, but soon found herself sobbing as stoke after stroke landed on the way to her sentence of twenty-five.

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The video grabs


audreycanedvg1-1 audreycanedvg1-2 audreycanedvg1-3 audreycanedvg1-4 audreycanedvg1-5 audreycanedvg1-6 audreycanedvg1-7 audreycanedvg1-8 audreycanedvg1-9 audreycanedvg1-10 audreycanedvg1-11 audreycanedvg1-12 audreycanedvg1-13 audreycanedvg1-14 audreycanedvg1-15 audreycanedvg1-16 audreycanedvg1-17 audreycanedvg1-18 audreycanedvg1-19 audreycanedvg1-20 audreycanedvg1-21



We Started a new series with Mandie Rae, Veronica Bound and Audrey entitled ” I Want A Back End!”

Called Home part 1





Like her sister Juliet before her, Mandie is called home by her mother/manager when her on set behavior is wreaking havoc with her once burgeoning career in Hollywood. Once Veronica informed her that the accoutrements of her life as a star were now gone, like her sports car and servants, and that she now would take up residence with her mother. When, like her older sister, she resisted this plan, Veronica took her daughter over her lap for a hard bare bottom spanking.


home1-2 home1-3 home1-4 home1-5 home1-6


Now a few video grabs



homevg1-1 homevg1-2 homevg1-3 homevg1-4 homevg1-5 homevg1-6 homevg1-7 homevg1-8 homevg1-9



Leaving er… The Gift Of Memory



Joelle Barros and Bianca Rose








Joelle was shocked and angered when her lover, Bianca, announced that it was time for her to leave. Joelle tried to dismiss Bianca, but she found that her lovely ex had a need to show her appreciation to the her former mentor and lover. She did this by taking the entitled artist over her lap so that her memory would be forever etched in her mind.


After Bianca finished administering her parting gift to her ex-lover, she touched her face lovingly and went on her way. Upon her departure, Joelle realized that she had been given many gifts, an ending to her book and the warm pain from her bottom that will forever remind her of Bianca.



gift1-2 gift1-3 gift1-4 gift1-5 gift1-6 gift2-1 gift2-2 gift2-3 gift2-4 gift2-5

Now the video grabs




gift2-1 gift2-2 gift2-3 gift2-4 gift2-5 giftvg1-1 giftvg1-2 giftvg1-3 giftvg1-4 giftvg1-5 giftvg1-6 giftvg1-7 giftvg1-8 giftvg1-9 giftvg1-10 giftvg1-11 giftvg1-12 giftvg1-13 giftvg1-14 giftvg2-1 giftvg2-2 giftvg2-3 giftvg2-4 giftvg2-5 giftvg2-6 giftvg2-7 giftvg2-8 giftvg2-9 giftvg2-10 giftvg2-11 giftvg2-12 giftvg2-13

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