At The Movies and this Saturday’s Shoot







I just posted ‘ Don’t be Late’ with Laci Star and Veronica Bound on our Clips4SAle store, for those of you who prefer their spanking movies a la carte

















Over the past few months, Adriana Evans  and I have been discussing  doing  a shoot that combines her love of spanking and…while I’m not going to say what we are doing, this may give you a hint.













Last night I read the script over and I hated it. So last night I re-wrote it and had both Adriana’s and Veronica’s voices in my head.  I’m so much happier with the new version.










Also, Audrey said this on Twitter as we were planning this little show.



  1. @davidpierson how many PB fans would like to see you take me over your knee and spank me to tears again? Just curious…show of hands #OTK



    I remember the last time, she almost jumped off my lap.



    board1 board2 board3




    She will be getting spanked Saturday me.

    Mr. Valentine will be joining us too.



    Follow us on Twitter: Perhaps we will put out a few pics from the set on Saturday.




    Mr. Valentine







    Adriana Evans






    Laci Star







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