Audrey’s Picks: One From The Top




Audrey’s Picks : One From The Top



Scene 1: Monetary Policy


Natalie Wolfe and Audrey



Audrey had warned her brother’s young wife about exceeding her allowance time and time again. Serenity had spent over $5000.00 on a dress and lingerie. Audrey required that the brat remove all of the clothing that she had purchased leaving her standing naked before her sister in law. She then noted that she was to be spanked for this violation or have her allowance cut off. Serenity agreed, but fear prevented her from going over her sister in law’s lap. To get the brat over her lap, Audrey reached out and took a firm grasp of Serenity’s left nipple and gave it a firm tug. Now the punishment begins. Audrey spanked the brat until she was certain that she understood the value of money. After her spanking was over, a naked Serenity was made to stand in the corner.

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Now a few stills from the movie





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Scene 2: Meeting With Miss Audrey





Upon her return to campus, Miss Audrey summoned Bianca to her residence. By now, it was known that Chloe was a reporter who had been spanked several times by Bianca while doing an undercover piece. Bianca knew that there would be some sort of consequence for this unfortunate situation. Miss Audrey had always seen Bianca as her protégé but knew that Bianca’s future at the school was in jeopardy. Audrey offered Bianca some constructive criticism and then, much to the shock of the young instructor, a spanking on her bare bottom. After her spanking by her mentor, Bianca stood in shock, wanting the pain now emanating from her bottom to cease. Little did she know that Miss Audrey had saved her career by administering this punishment. An act of true caring.


meeting1-2 meeting1-3 meeting1-4 meeting1-5 meeting1-6 meeting2-1 meeting2-2 meeting2-3 meeting2-4 meeting2-5 meeting2-6 meeting2-7





Now a few scenes from the movie




meetingvg1-1 meetingvg1-2 meetingvg1-3 meetingvg1-4 meetingvg1-6 meetingvg1-7 meetingvg1-8 meetingvg1-9 meetingvg1-10 meetingvg1-11 meetingvg1-12 meetingvg1-13 meetingvg1-14 meetingvg1-15 meetingvg2-1 meetingvg2-2 meetingvg2-3 meetingvg2-4 meetingvg2-5 meetingvg2-6 meetingvg2-7 meetingvg2-8 meetingvg2-9 meetingvg2-10 meetingvg2-11 meetingvg2-12










Scene 3: Detention with Miss Audrey





Hunter was summoned to the residence of the headmistress. Miss Audrey confronted her with the fact that she had cut class and left the school grounds. Hunter thought she was to suffer through a week in detention, but Miss Audrey had other intentions. She reminded Hunter of page fifty-two in the student handbook that called for the use of corporal punishment. Hunter was stunned and noted that she thought that was there as a way of scaring the students. Hunter soon learned that this was no joke. She was taken over Miss Audrey’s lap and spanked with an oak over-the- knee paddle. By the time Miss Audrey lowered Hunter’s panties she was already in tears and promising to be good. Audrey spanked Hunter with the paddle until she was certain that the sobbing girl’s promises not to skip school were sincere. After her punishment was over,
Hunter was placed in the corner with her bare, marked bottom on display.


detention1-2 detention1-3 detention1-4 detention1-5 detention1-6 detention1-7 detention1-8 detention1-9 detention1-10 detention2-1 detention2-2 detention2-3 detention2-4 detention2-5 detention2-6 detention2-7 detention2-8 detention2-9 detention2-10 detention2-11 detention2-12 detention2-13


Now a few stills from the movie


detentionvg1-1 detentionvg1-1_edited detentionvg1-2 detentionvg1-2_edited detentionvg1-3 detentionvg1-3_edited detentionvg1-4 detentionvg1-4_edited detentionvg1-5 detentionvg1-5_edited detentionvg1-6 detentionvg1-6_edited detentionvg1-7 detentionvg1-7_edited detentionvg1-8 detentionvg1-8_edited detentionvg1-9 detentionvg1-9_edited detentionvg1-10 detentionvg1-10_edited detentionvg1-11 detentionvg1-11_edited detentionvg1-12 detentionvg1-12_edited detentionvg1-13 detentionvg1-13_edited detentionvg1-14 detentionvg1-14_edited detentionvg1-15 detentionvg1-15_edited detentionvg1-16 detentionvg1-16_edited detentionvg1-17 detentionvg1-17_edited detentionvg1-18 detentionvg1-18_edited detentionvg1-19 detentionvg1-19_edited detentionvg1-20 detentionvg1-20_edited detentionvg1-21 detentionvg1-21_edited detentionvg1-22_edited detentionvg2-1 detentionvg2-1_edited detentionvg2-2 detentionvg2-2_edited detentionvg2-3 detentionvg2-3_edited detentionvg2-4 detentionvg2-4_edited detentionvg2-5 detentionvg2-5_edited detentionvg2-6 detentionvg2-6_edited detentionvg2-7 detentionvg2-7_edited detentionvg2-8 detentionvg2-8_edited detentionvg2-9 detentionvg2-9_edited detentionvg2-10 detentionvg2-10_edited detentionvg2-11 detentionvg2-11_edited detentionvg2-12 detentionvg2-12_edited detentionvg2-13 detentionvg2-13_edited detentionvg2-14 detentionvg2-14_edited detentionvg2-15 detentionvg2-15_edited detentionvg2-16 detentionvg2-16_edited detentionvg2-17 detentionvg2-17_edited detentionvg2-18 detentionvg2-18_edited detentionvg2-19 detentionvg2-19_edited detentonvg2-20_edited


Scene 4: The Contest – Bianca’s Hand Spanking




Bianca was reading a spanking magazine when Audrey walked in and wanted it. After some friendly argument, the girls decided to settle the matter with a spanking contest. Bianca is the first to be spanked. Audrey was certain the Bianca would never survive round one of their contest. Despite the pain, the red haired girl, whose bottom is just a red as her hair, survived on determination. Now it was Audrey’s turn to receive her five minute hand spanking.





hand1-2 hand1-3 hand1-4 hand1-5 hand1-6 hand2-1 hand2-2 hand2-3 hand2-4 hand2-6 hand2-7 hand2-8 hand2-9



Now a few stills from the movie



handvg1-1 handvg1-2 handvg1-3 handvg1-4 handvg1-5 handvg1-6 handvg1-7 handvg1-8 handvg1-9 handvg1-10 handvg1-11 handvg2-1 handvg2-2 handvg2-3 handvg2-4 handvg2-5 handvg2-6 handvg2-7 handvg2-8 handvg2-9 handvg2-10











To me, Audrey has been such the mvp over the past few years. As a bottom she is amazing and equally so as a top. This Saturday I have a special shoot planned with Miss Audrey and Nadia. Reason enough for me to give thanks.




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