Aunt’s Remedy: A Special Found Classic Video


Aunt’s Remedy – A Found , never before seen video


Erica Corvina and Chelsea Pfeiffer






This is another never before scene production from our classic era. This one features Erica Corvina and the legendary Chelsea Pfeiffer. Written by my brother Rick and Amber Pixie Wells and directed by Rick.

In this tale, Erica is failing at being an independent young adult. She doesn’t pay her bills on-time, and she’s in trouble at work for lateness.
She sought out the advice of her Aunt Chelsea, who already knew that this girl needed a special kind of guidance.
She instructed Erica to return the following day by noon, but as is Erica’s way, she arrived late.
Her Aunt Chelsea was having none of that and noted that she had talked with Erica’s mother about matters of discipline. Erica felt beyond embarrassed when informed that her Aunt was about to do what her mother had in the past. Soon, the girl’s mortification changed to an intense desire for her spanking to stop.

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DVDS too


I am very much looking forward to the release of our recent production

Dark Dance of the Heart IV

The Story of Delirious Hunter and Nadia


I think a better name for this would have been a Darker Dance. The charcters in this version of Dark Dance are both Darker and dangerous.


Here are just a couple of quick edits from the shoot. I suspect we will have the preview soon for this feature presentation



I expect to have the preview trailer up in the next few days



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