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Girl Trouble 13: Chapters 4-6


Girl Trouble 13: Chapters 4-6


4. PTA Meeting

With Pixie and Veronica

Pixie is furious that one of the teachers at her school would suggest the parents of the senior class spank their children for being so out of control. She slams her books and confronts Ms. Veronica in a tone that does not sit well at all. And so Ms. V makes sure Pixie won’t sit well after receiving a dose of the school strap.

5. Sister Savior

With Charlie Skye, Beverly Bacci, and David Pierson

Charlie is at first very glad to see her older sister Beverly come to her aid after getting into trouble at school. Charlie is certain her dear sister will take her straight home and she’ll be spared any corporal punishment. But to her surprise, Beverly asks to use the headmaster’s office and gives the mischievous girl a thorough hairbrush spanking herself.

6. Vandal Lesson

With Juliet, David Pierson

Juliet was detained by the police for spray painting public property. She is released into the custody of her dad, David, but she still has a heavy price to pay for the damage done. She is given a firm strapping before being made to return to the scene to start cleaning up the graffiti.


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Model Troubles – A series, part 2


3. Unexpected Discipline For The Experienced Girlfriend

Audrey had once again allowed her temper to get the best of her when a client had stiffed her a thousand dollars on her fee instead of just giving Mr. Pierson a call.
He had never failed to retrieve the money owed to any of the women working for the company, and often requires that the violator of the deal pay more. On this day, Audrey knew she was in for some company discipline and even left the door open for Mr. Pierson.
Unexpectedly, instead of Mr. Pierson, in walked Chloe Noir. Chloe was known to fill in for David now and then and word had it she possessed an unusual style of spanking. Audrey attempted to talk her way out of this, somewhat fearful of the unknown quality that is Miss Noir.
Audrey reminded her that she was once one of the girls, but Chloe was unmoved. She instructed Audrey to remove her jacket, exposing her bare breasts. She then was bent over the bottom of the bed for discipline.
She immediately found out why Chloe’s style was so feared. One never knew which hand she wound use to strike next. After several spanks upon the seat of her panties, they were suddenly lowered and now the discipline would begin in full.
Spanking was a way the workers at the company chose to dissuade anyone from getting into a disagreement with a client instead of leaving it to management to deal with all pecuniary matters. As Audrey was a person with something of a temper, she has engaged in a few conflicts with clients and was spanked for it.
Until today, the task of spanking her always fell to Mr. Pierson, who spanks hard but she also feels safe with him. Today her discipline is being carried out by Chloe who employs a very different style of spanking. It was all Audrey could do to maintain her control as Chloe provided the company discipline. Once Audrey’s bottom was red and sore, her disciplinarian dug her nails into her tender flesh, causing her to cry out. At the conclusion of her spanking, Audrey was informed that her spanking was broadcast and she was made to apologize to the client she offended fully exposed, and then made to remain in position with her red bottom on display.

4. You Can’t Break Curfew

Chloe’s father had hooked his daughter up with a top modeling agency over a year ago. After her first major gig, she came home just as the sun was rising. Her goal had always been to study theoretical physics. So that night after a wild night on the town, Chloe was given a hard bare bottom spanking with instructions as to the limits of her universe.
She learned much that night and would always call her dad if she had a work related event that was running late.
On this night Chloe just decided she wanted to go out with her friends. She didn’t arrive home until after three. Waiting up for her was her dad. After hearing her poor excuse she was bent over the bed for a spanking. The first minute was to the bottom of her skin tight pants. Then those, to her dismay, were lowered and the spanking proceeded upon her bare bottom. Chloe cried as she was spanked by her father by hand then hairbrush.
As Chloe’s spanking progressed, and she felt the sting of the hairbrush and her Dad’s hand, she tearfully promised to adhere to her curfew. Finally, it seemed that her punishment was over, as her father turned her around to verbally chastise her. Much to her chagrin, he made her stick out her bottom for a spanking in the standing position.
When her punishment was at its end, Chloe was made to stand by the bed with her red bottom on display as tears streamed down her face.



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Model’s Talk


Model’s Talk

Starring Chloe and Audrey


It was shortly after the new year and Audrey invited Chloe over for a holiday lunch and Champagne. Chloe was thrilled as she had always regarded Audrey as a mentor.
However, Audrey had an ulterior motive in setting up this meeting. A few weeks prior to this meeting, Chloe was to have shot with Audrey’s best friend Skyler Grey but did not show up, costing Skyler a major payday.
Audrey wanted to give this brat a taste of the discipline she had earned in not showing up for the shoot. After a brief discussion regarding this issue, Chloe was taken by the ear into the kitchen and taken over Audrey’s knee for a spanking.
As her pants and then panties came down, Chloe became aware of the video cameras pointed in her direction. It seems Audrey planned to ruminate Skyler by spanking this brat on camera and selling it.





As Chloe’s bare bottom was being spanked by Audrey, she was instructed that a professional model never does a no show and Chloe loudly proclaimed an understanding of her professional duties. After examining the bottom of this formerly entitled girl, Audrey invited her back to resume their new years toast.


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3. Do You Know How Late You Are?!

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It was after midnight as Nadia came strolling in to find her mother quite upset. Nadia was to have been home by 10:30 as mommy had a date. Sklyer had planned a night of intense fetish fun but her daughter’s lateness ruined her hopes. She decided to take out her need for fetish play upon her daughter’s bottom as punishment.
Nadia was frightened and confused as her mother had her kneel upon a chair for her spanking. After a quick discussion, Mom’s hand descended hard upon her daughter’s bottom.
Soon, Nadia felt the full fury of her mother’s capacity to administer punishment as her panties were lowered and Nadia felt the sting of her mother’s hand and the strap upon her exposed flesh.
After a hard punishment by hand and strap upon her bare bottom, Nadia learned that interfering with her mother’s fetish fun proved to be a painful experience.

4. The Prepschool Girl

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Nadia was called to the headmistress’ residence at the Amber Wells School For Girls, after having called a revered professor at the institution a vile name. At first, she thought all of this fuss was something of a joke.
The seriousness of all of this came to her as the headmistress took the bratty schoolgirl over her lap for a spanking. Nadia was in full panic mode when her panties were lowered and her disciplinarian spanked her by hand and leather paddle.
After Miss Skyler had given Nadia a hard spanking by hand and strap paddle, she felt that the brat over her lap had yet to learn her lesson. Miss Grey had the student with the bad attitude stand and hold her skirt high as her panties remained at her ankles. Then, she proceeded to spank the girl with the strap paddle, forcing her to perform a rather humiliating dance to the tune of the discipline inflicted upon her bottom. After Miss Skyler Felt assured that Nadia had learned her lesson, she required that the brat serve corner time and await the arrival of members of the student council to witness the punishment inflicted upon Nadia’s bared bottom.




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Girl Trouble 4 – Bratty Behavior


This update is a first half of a classic series from the past.

Girl Trouble 4 – Bratty Behavior


1. Blame, Incorporated
Pixie thought it was a brilliant business plan to pay good girls to take the blame for others’ misdeeds – and take a slight commission for herself of course. Jessica is spanked for Chloe’s prank, Holly is spanked for Beth’s mistake, and everything is going according to plan until someone rats Pixie out and there’s no one left to take the blame!

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2. Multitasking
Veronica’s day at the office is jam packed with meetings, proposals, and teleconferences and on top of it all she needs to discipline her bratty daughter Chloe. Being the efficient multitasking business woman that she is, Veronica decides to spank Chloe right there in her office even as her executive assistant Holly looks on.


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