Bedtime Spanking-Chloe part 1




Chloe’s Bed Time part 1


Chloe Noir and David Pierson






After putting a tearful Dahlia to bed, David calls Chloe to his room for her promised bedtime spanking. At heart, Dahlia is something of a little girl, but Chloe is a gifted person. She finds the entire idea of being spanked difficult to accept. She attempted to talk her father out of administering her bare bottomed punishment, but David was not going for it. As with Dahlia, he placed a hairbrush in her hand and instructed that during her spanking she is to pass that dreaded implement back the second he asks for it. Her heart sank as she went over her father’s lap and was overcome with a feeling on intense humiliation as her bottom was exposed. Soon, she was pleading for her father to stop her punishment. After a time David instructed his naughty, gifted daughter to pass the hairbrush to him in the manner he requested. After a few swats with the hairbrush tears were streaming down her face.


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