Birthday Wishes: my thanks

Wow, hard to believe that I will turn 62 on Wednesday at 3.07 in the afternoon, not one second before. Some of you seem to know this and have sent me the nicest of wishes.

Some of you ask me how I spend the day? I celebrate on the weekend really. Often my wife takes me to a show of some sort. I will always remember getting to see the amazing  Stephane Grappelli just a few months before his death.

We always do a nice dinner at a restaurant on Saturday. On Sunday it’s off to see the Philadelphia Chamber Orchestra .  My spouse knows me well.


With that being said, little has given me more pleasure than doing punishedbrats. In the eleven years of shooting video I have had the great pleasure of knowing and working with such terrific humans.  All of the brats have been brilliant young women , both  tops, bottoms and switches .


I do miss those who were part of what was referred to as their punishedbrats family.  In our first several years we shot these enormous shoot each month and almost every regular was in at least every other shoot. Pixie was present for them all.  In doing this sort of shoot, the brats were all friends and often did lunch and other activities together.


Times are different now. In the last few years it is impossible to shoot that way with the changes in the structure of the adult industry. By necessity , we shoot much smaller productions now. Can’t have six or seven oncamera performers any longer.


I still remain impressed by the talented women I work with. I remember them all when they leave. The average life span in the industry is 3-5 years if you get pat year 1.


To all, to all of the brats from over the years my love forever. ( you too jb)


Now back to work.  Allen Craig Authentic Jersey

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