Boardwalk Badness

Thanks to Mr. Tanner and his crew for putting on a terrific event this weekend.  I met so met old friends like Chole Elise , Ten Amorette  and Sky Summers. I met a lot of amazing people who had complemented us on our work. One of my favorite things at these events is just having the opportunity to talk with others in our community.  I’ve always wondered if anyone actually read my blog. A young man came up to our table and wanted to give us money as a ” donation to the cause”.  I had him pick up a few DVDS.  He quoted me when I said that if you value something you had better support it or it will go away.



Special thanks to my posse


Mr. Valentine










Mandie Rae











Joelle Barros











Adriana Evans








and Pandie

Pandie sung us a song that she wrote and starred in a movie. She was excellent at both.





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