Brat Spat 2: Lily Anna’s Turn ( It’s Complicated)

 A few days ago I discussed the video Brat Spat with Bronte, Lily Anna and me.

 In the first part of the video, I gave Bronte a hard hand spanking. Then it was Lily Anna’s turn. As I spanked Lily Anna, she started to cry. I’m fine with tears , but , with that being said, we encourage the girls to use their safe words if they need to.  Lily sobbed so hard it upset my brother, who is our videographer and director. For days, Eric ( my brother) and I argued about this. He thought that spanking was too hard. I disagreed. However, I wanted to be certain that lily was okay. I called Pixie, who drove with Lily Anna to and from the shoot. She told me that all was well. We couldn’t convince my brother of this. We later learned that Pixie and lily Anna had long ago become  the best of friends. This knowledge would have helped settle that matter. Pixie claims that she recruited Lily Anna from One Model Place. I am dubious of this assertion, but that’s their story and they are sticking to it.






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