By Request : A Special Pixie Presentation Tomorrow Night




Since I started showing recently located video featuring Amber Pixie Wells many of you started looking back on old Pixie’s Preview posts and videos and have started making request.


Tomorrow Night’s video is ‘Veronica’s Job’.  Pixie plays an entitled rich girl who was a bit disrespectful towards her caregiver. Pixie didn’t always enjoy playing the spoiled rick kid. I remember putting in scripts and she would say ‘ This isn’t one of your rich girl things.. is it”?  She played the spoiled rich brat perfectly in this one. It was written by my brother and Pixie.  Tomorrow’s update will include both photographs and video grabs .



A couple of pics:













A few video grabs

















Pixie really deserves a spanking. She chose when the material was to be posted. See, it’s Pixie’s fault that you haven’t seen this video until now. I remember shooting this so well. It brings back such fond memories.


I hope you enjoy it. Hell, my webmaster is now very into Pixie.

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