Call From Collections: A Christmas Tale ( well not really)

Lorraine is made to return her expensive clothing to pay off her credit card debt. Hopefully she will still have something left to cover her red behind!







 This year has been a difficult and painful one to say the least. The death of my brother and Pixie’s illness were very painful to say the least.  When we were shooting at our new studio last week, a gentelman in the businsess told me how much he doesn’t like to shoot as it stresses him out. Like my good friend here, I too stress about shooting, but I love it beyond words. I got through this year by shooting. We have lots for you to enjoy coming up. Pixie has rememgered as a power in this company. Her work with me has made our last few shoots special. She came up with a concept and i wrote the scrpits.

 Our studio of thhe past six years was sold today. A new era of punishedbrats has dawned. So do stay tuned to .

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The video is part of the series ‘ Art and dscipline’ and it is available on DVD. To check it out click on the image below.

Have a Merry Christmas. I am off to the Marroit Marquis in NYC. My family insists.

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