Called Home: wonder if TMZ heard of this?



Called Home


Mandie Rae and Veronica Bound








Like her sister Juliet before her, Mandie is called home by her mother/manager when her on set behavior is wreaking havoc with her once burgeoning career in Hollywood. Once Veronica informed her that the accoutrements of her life as a star were now gone, like her sports car and servants, and that she now would take up residence with her mother. When, like her older sister, she resisted this plan, Veronica took her daughter over her lap for a hard bare bottom spank.



Mandie’s mother and manager spanked her bare bottom until it was a bright red, and she promised to do the things necessary to have a successful acting career and be cooperative. After her spanking, the tearful starlet was placed in the corner with her bottom on display.




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Now a few video grabs




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