behind the scnese

A Favorite video: Exchange Student with Nyssa Nevers

 It was a few moths ago, when we first shot with Nyssa Nevers. We were running late and Nyssa was shooting pics for Pixie with this cute Japanese Schoolgirl Uniform. We just made up a storyline. At one point, as I was about to strike her bottom, she fliched and shouted ‘ You are scaring my butt!”.

 Nyssa is a good cryer too.






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Five Years: It’s our Birthday (Almost)

 With all that’s being going on behind the scenes at PB, I nearly forgot that our 5th anniversary is approaching.  I have loved every minute of it. I am espically grateful to our loyal fans, without whom punishedbrats would not be possible.

 Did you know that we never raised our prices? Our costs may have gone up, but we found ways of mantaining our price structure.  Lots of creative thinking by our team.  Today a recurring membership costs $17.00. You can get a one month subscription for $22.00. We now have hundreds of videos and pics on the site. In honor of our birthday we are offering a very special price for a three month subscription. You can now sign up for three months of Brats for $41.00. That is our way of thanking you for your support .

The Original Brats:

In the beginning, there was Amber Pixie Wells. ( Seen here taking a hard spanking from Veronica’s ex, Ian. Pixie  has been involved in PB since the beginning. She is our webmaster, customer service manager and creative director.


                          Beverly Bacci & Veronica Bound


                       Holly Dey & Me


                      Miss Susan & Jessica


                     Vanessa who played our super-heroine ‘Sensational Girl’

                 They are the original Punishedbrats players

All of their vids can be found on our site at Pierre Turgeon Womens Jersey

A Producers Job is never easy

Well, we started this week thinking we’d be shooting Taylor Rayne and Pi.












Well, Taylor was injured in a car accident. She offered to come, but we thought the neck collar would be distracting. ( kidding)

Back for More | 314 | Sister DeeBack for More | 314 | Sister DeeBack for More | 314 | Sister DeeBack for More | 314 | Sister Dee

We will bring her back very soon.

The above pics are of the lovely Pi at work for Infernal Restraits. Good news, she is at the hotel.

To be spanking her is Veronica Bound.


Also, helping me shoot this will be Beverly Bacci. Yes, that Beverly Bacci. She may spank pi as well. But Beverly is back and I could not be happier.


Wish us luck kids.

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Family Matters: Juliet’s Turn

The other day I reminsed about the video ‘ Family Matters’. I spanked Lorraine first while Juliet looked on. Juliet noted that the fear of what was to come nearly overwhelmed her. This was Juliet’s first oncamera spanking in two years.

And now both girls:

This video is available on our site:

I was recently asked if our Veronica was available for sesssions.

The answer is yes.

She doesn’t only do spanking. She is a mistress of all things perverse.

Check out her website

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A Favorite Video: Family Matters

It is a rare event when one of your scrpits come out exactly as you envisioned.  Such was the case with a video I wrote entiled ‘ Family Matters’ featuring Sweet Little Lorraine, Juliet Valentina, Beverly Bacci and me. This was Juliet’s first spanking video in over two years.

The inspiration for the video was the Rogen Benson drawing featured above. I so wanted to capture the feeling of that powerful artwork that I attached it to all of the scripts.

In the video, Beverly Bacci played the role of my young wife and, hence, the stepmother of my two bratty daughters. Beverly and I were called back from Vacation as Lorraine and Juliet through a party that got out of control. Beverly prepared the girls for spanking by removing their panties and placing then over my lap. Tonight I will focus on Lorraine’s punishment.

This video is avilable on our site at

The other day I was talking about the first time I worked with Juliet Valentina. It was in a video called ‘ The Stepdad’. It was very OC. Juliet is a professional actress and belives fully in her roles. ” During the video Juliet said to me, in a very Bratty way, ” I don’t need to listen to you!”. That went right through me and I spanked her good.

This video is available on our site:

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