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Pixie: Take it from the top

Most of you are familiar with sweet little Pixie getting her bottom spanked from a variety of tops. Over the past few months Pixie has done several scenes from the top position.  In fact, from the top,  Amber Wells’ disposition is anything but sweet.  The first to feel her wrath was Mischa in a video entitled ‘ Discipline Room’. Pixie was the school disciplinarian who spanked bratty Mischa’s bottom a crimson red.

 Mischa was genuinely surprised by the severity of the hand spanking she suffered at Miss Well’ hands. Pixie noted ‘ I spank as I like to be spanked….hard!”




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Preview pics from Recent Shoot

Narration by Pixie

Lily and I got a chance to spank sweet Lorraine …


But not to worry. We didn’t get away unspanked ourselves

Stay Tuned to for more.

My Favorite Scenes

 Recently, I was asked about my personal favorite video in which I was the top. That is a had question to answer.  Amoung my favories are’The Anxiety of the Girl Waiting’ with Pixie, ‘Manipulation’ with Sarah Gregory;  ‘Young Wife’ with Sarah Jane Ceylon, ‘ Family Matters’ with Lorraine and Juliet Valentina but tonight I will focus on ‘ Pajama Drama’ with Andi Rae. The scenes that I enjoy most focus in the firm application of hard discipline to a naughty girl’s bottom. In those scenes, I say little and spank lots.

 This scene was special to me. Andi had shown herself very capable of taking good spankings all day, however, this scene was shot after most people had left. She really felt like a girl who had done wrong and awaited punishment after her father came home. She cried and kicked through this hand spanking. I must get her back soon.


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The Pout with Sweet Little Lorraine and Michael Diamond


A Brief Profile of Juliet Valentina

 I remember the first day that Juliet came to our set. She was very young, amazingly cute and highly talented. She clearly wanted to explore her spanking kink.  She is a professional actor, singer and dancer.  She is a very accomplished thesbian. ( That’s thesbian!)  I’ll always remember her first scene with us. She played a schoolgirl in a video entitled ‘ Undelivered Letters’. Juliet was behaving poorly at school and letters were sent home for her parents to sign. It was clear that Juliet forged her mothers signature. When confronted by Principal Veronica, Juliet repied ” I had to sign, my mother has carpal tunnel’ in an amazingly true teenage voice. The principal too Juliet over her knee and soon the schoolgirl was promising to bring home the letters.

Later that day I spanked Juliet is a video called ‘The Stepfather’. I remember that scene very well. I was Julet’s stepfather and tried to have a talk with her about her behavior.  She shouted, ” I don’t have to listen to’re not my real dad!” . This was done so powerfully it went right through me and made spanking her very easy.

Over the years Juliet shot many videos for us.

Juliet has also done some photo shoots for us.

It was two years ago when Juliet informed us that she needed to stop shooting. She had graduated college and there was the possibility that she could end up teaching if the acting didn’t work out.

 We were thrilled when Juliet resumed shooting with us this year.  She was a much more accomplished player this time around.

 Here first spanking upon her return was with me in a video entitled ‘Family Matters’. A very hard spanking.

Juliet is a natural blonde, but her hair was darkened for a role she was playing.

Juliet is currently tied up with a theater project, but we hope to bring her back soon.

Here is a look back at this week

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The Punishment of Snow White and Miss Muffet

Latest News

 We have just completed the edits from last Sunday’s shoot and I am thrilled with the results. Here are a few sneak pics from Pixie. Captions by Pixie as well.

Tomboy Lorraine needed a little encouragement to wear something other than her softball uniform to an important dinner party.



Can you believe Veronica gave me a spanking for “helping” her test some perfume? She has no appreciation for Plum Passion fragrance nor my enthusiastic sales technique.


And Lily Anna spent some reflection time right where she belongs. The corner.

 I unexpectedly had an extended conversation with Joelle Barros this evening. She was very excited about her debut on our site in the video entitled ‘Pot Bust’. She told me ” I looked hot” and then giggled. Need to bring her back soon. Aside from her more obvious charms, she is entusiastic about doing this work.

Also, we have added a new video to our Clips4sale store.                             The video is called ‘ Project Revenge’

         Tired of her classmate, Tina Tink, making her do all the work on their team project, Amanda plots a little revenge. She suggests to Tina’s mom that her daughter could use a good spanking. And much to Tina’s dismay, her mom agrees. Tina’s bottom is spanked to a glowing red as her classmate listens to her howls from the doorway.

 I will do a piece on Tina Tink soon. She is colorful, to say the least.


The Mysterious Angelina

Recently,  there has been much interest in the brat named Angelina. She has worked for us many times over the years. I find her fascinating.  She is an artist, dancer and designer of alternative fashion. She is also amazingly quiet. When spanked, she squeaks and sequels in the most endearing way. In a video called ” Shoplifting’ I made her cry. A remarkable achievement.

One night, I was dining with Angelina and her boyfriend, Michael Diamond.  At the conclusion of the meal, Michael noted that he had to ” get the child home”, as she starts a new job tomorrow. I inquired as to the nature of her new position. ‘Sex Talk’ she said. I fell off my chair.











Sunday’s bitter sweet shoot

Sunday’s  shoot was a bittersweet sort of experience. The production was produced by my brother Eric. He wrote the scenes and was to have directed this shoot. Unfortunately, he was too ill to shoot. In his honor, Pixie, Lily Anna, Lorraine Little, Veronica Bound and I pressed on. Pixie and I directed. We shot each scenes as close to what my brother had written as we possibly could. The sad part of this, was the work Eric put into this. He was writing for weeks to make this shoot special. I’ve seen the raw footage and it looks amazing. His hand-picked cast did this production as a labor of love for my brother and all sent their love.
I think we did very well Sunday
Veronica spanking pixie.

Favorite Video

 I am often asked if I have a favorite video. That is very hard to say. The one that comes to mind most for me is ” The Anxiety Of The Girl Waiting”. A video without words.

You can see this one for free at:—Waiting–

Introducing Joelle and Miss Chris

 Last weeks shoot was lots of fun , but it wasn’t exactly what we planned.  For the shoot, we had scheduled the lovely Joelle, Miss Chris ( another model) and Pixie. We had planned to shoot ten scenes. My brother Eric is dreadully ill, but he decided that he wanted to come. It was around 6am when we got the call from Pixie. She was very ill, but if we gave her a few minutes she’d be on her way. Both my brother and I told her to remain at home. Pixie was to have shot two scenes with Miss Chris and she and I were to have worked camers. Unexpectedly, my brother assumed his rightful place as director.

 In the five years that we have been shooting as Punishedbrats, we have never had a no-show. Meaning, that when girl’s are scheduled, they show up. Unfortunately, the other model we had scheduled had a problem at her hotel. The night before, this girl from Phildelphia, did a gig in nowhere New Jersey and stayed at a local hotel. She had worked with our dear friend Lily Anna  that night.  She asked for a wake up call that never came. It was about noon when we got her call. The poor girl was very upset.  This girl is a top professional and  this was clearly nothing but a snafu. That left us with only a new girl who had never shot any productions before and Miss Chris.

 I raidly started going through the scripits that Pixie and I had written.  We then put a series of videos togther that tells Joelle’s experience of ” Life with Aunt Chris’. I must admit to being very pleased with the outcome. Joelle was a natural and Miss Chris is an amazing disciplinarian. While we came out a bit short on scenes, I think what we shot is terrific. We will have Miss Chris and Joelle back soon.

Punished Brats – Where spoiled brats get the spankings they deserve

Punishedbrats is undergoing something of a transition. For those of you who don’t know, our company has been a team of three. In the beginning, ( how biblical) there was me. I had a vision of putting on video my punishment fantasies. I am a disciplinary spanker for whom the role play is the thing.  My brother, a professional videographer, photographer and editor agreed to shoot for me the. Then the question was whom to shoot?  As I pondered this question, I received an email from a lovely girl with curly blon hair. She wanted to know if I could direct her towards a spanking production company. That girl was Amber Pixie Wells. ( just Pixie then). She sent me a CD of some amateur video she shot. This girl was the real deal. She lived the spanking lifestyle.

It was on July 2, 2005 when PunishedBrats was born. I must have given Pixie twelve hard spankings that day. We all got on famously. I knew from the beginning that Pixie was special.  When I learned that Pixie was also a talented web designer, all the better.

So there I was surrounded by talent. My brother Eric Blair-Brown, a master at the visual arts, and Pixie our star and webmaster and me….oh yeah, it was my money. I knew I played a role in there somewhere.

This year was a particularly difficult one for us. In March, Pixie fell ill and her talents were lost to us until her triumphant return in June where, for the first time Pixie topped, much to the chagrin of Mischa and Ashley Graham. Pixie spanks as she likes to be spanked…HARD!


Pixie spanking Ashley

Pixie spanking Mischa

Pixie spanking Mischa on her bare bottom









I am more than grateful for Pixie’s return. Unfortunately, in July, my brother had fallen ill.  So it has been up to Pixie and me to carry on the PB mantle. We can not replace my brother’s expertise or counsel but Miss Pixie and I have worked hard to create a new ethic for PB. Perhaps a little edgier? Pixie and I both focus on the disciplinary nature of spanking.

Our first joint effort was released this week. It is the first in a four part series entitled Aunt Veronica’s Rules. I wrote it and Pixie was the lead director. The production featured Lorraine Little and Veronica Bound.

Part one is entitled “Setting the Limits”. I’m very proud of this work.  For once, Pixie and I worked behind the scenes. I think she did a terrific job in the editing this video.

Lorraine Setting Limits Lorraine Setting Limits – part 2


I love what I do at Punished Brats.



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