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Great Update Ten Laziness – part 2

There is something just so fantastic about Ten getting the strap on her adorable bare bottom.

Ten getting the strap

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Pixie Cookie Drive – part 1

pixie spanked
Veronica spanking pixie otk

Pixie and Lily Anna have come up short on the funds for the cookie drive. Veronica believes the girls need a lesson in responsibility and first pulls Pixie over her lap for a spanking.

Dia The Interview – part 2

dia spanked

Dia spanked

Will Dia take the job as Veronica’s assistant if this is only the interview?

Tina Tink Student Teacher – part 1

tinatink spankingTina is a teacher who has breached the good conduct rules of the school by partying with her students. She is held to the tough school disciplinary guidelines and must receive the wooden paddle on her bare bottom.

Joelle Principal Called – part 2

joelle spankedJoelle has lost her attitude and is pleads for her spanking to come to an end.

Dia The Interview – part 1

Dia The Interview - part 1Dia is interviewing for a position as Veronica’s assistant, but to be sure she’s the right candidate, she’ll have to prove she can take the office discipline.

Pi Shower Power – part 2

Veronica spanking pi
Pi spanked soundly

m a bitch.Pi has learned a tough lesson on what happens to foul mouthed little brats that call their mom a bitch.

Lily Anna Recanted Statement – part 2

When Lily also reveals she might have a little trouble covering her lawyer’s fees, Susan informs her the only extension she’ll get is on the time her spanking lasts!

Lorraine Rude Awakening – part 1

Lorraine snuck out of the house while Aunt Veronica was at work. Veronica informs her on the phone that she knows what she has been up to and she will be dealt with in the morning. Lorraine is pulled out of bed and given a dose of the strap first thing!

Bronte France – part 2

bronte spanked by david pierson

David Spanks bronte soundly

Bronte is well spanked but still a fiery brat. Will she be so sassy after some time reflecting in the corner?