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Serenity Spanked in Wonderland


1. The Dancer’s Discipline







Serenity was a promising student of the ballet arts. Her desires for enjoyments of the flesh with both boys and girls was keeping her from achieving anything near her potential.
One day, she was summoned to a meeting with Miss Skyler, the dance mistress. After a chat in which the brat was anything but remorseful about her poor work ethic, she was instructed that she needed to take a bare bottom spanking or leave to company.
She was instructed to lower her leotards in preparation for her spanking. The now shocked student of the dance noted that she was naked beneath her dance garments.
Miss Skyler noted that she was aware and that this was not the fist time she needed to discipline a student in such a fashion. Soon, the naked dancer found herself over her instructor’s lap for a bare bottom spanking.
The naked girl was spanked hard until her dance mistress felt her bratty yet talented dancer had learned her lesson as indicated by her agreeing to practice more diligently, and from the red glow given off by her bottom.
Then, she was required to stand and assume the most basic of ballet positions while Mistress Skyler corrected her errors with a sting from the crop upon the naked girl’s bottom.

2. Spanked in Wonderland






Suddenly Serenity appeared safe and sound at her mother’s house. When asked where she had been, it seemed as if the girl had gotten into her mother’s best stuff. Her mother desperately asked her what it said on the package, Serenity replied “Eat Me.” This earned this modern day Alice a bare bottomed spanking.
Serenity’s mother spanked this modern day Alice until her bottom glowed a very red hue. Then, she required her daughter to place her sore red bottom upon a wooden chair in the middle of the living room.
Once her sore bottom touched the wood, she could not help but to groan in her discomfort. Once her mother left the room, Serenity looked to her right at a being unseen by our normal human perceptions and said “This is your fault.”




4. Spanked Before Bed






Prior to her bedtime, Serenity was summoned into the living room. Her mom made it clear that she was certain that her daughter had been getting into her medicinal cannabis and that a spanking before bed was in order.
Skyler was absolutely certain that Serenity had been using her vape pen, as she was taken over her mom’s lap, she was more concerned about her stuffed cat Pusheen being traumatized.
Soon, Serenity was only concerned about the trauma being inflicted to her bare bottom.

Furious that the young brat would be so concerned with her Pusheen plush toy while the subject on hand was unauthorized use of a controlled substance, Skyler unleashed the fury on Serenity’s bottom.
As the medicated young brat cried out from pain and embarrassment, Serenity realized that this punishment could, and would soon, get worse, while Skyler began mocking her with her precious Pusheen all while delivering an intense spanking.
As the spanking came to an end, Skyler applied a soothing gel to Serenity’s ripe bottom in a loving and affectionate embrace. This act of compassion did not conclude the punishment, however. Serenity would still be required to stand in the corner with her red bottom on display.
To cope with humiliation and pain, she was permitted to hold her darling Pusheen until her punishment was deemed to be over.






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Pajama Spanking ‘ Episodes 1-3’


Pajama Spankings: Episodes 1-3

Pajama Spankings

Bedtime spankings, early morning spankings, pajama clad bottoms, and naughty girls in nightshirts. You can be sure these brats will be sleeping on their tummies tonight.


1. Get It Over With


Beverly Bacci and Claire Fonda




Beverly is sure her grades were terrible this semester and can’t stand waiting for her inevitable spanking from mom any longer. She asks her mom, Clare Fonda, to use the hairbrush on her pajama clad bottom even though her semester grades won’t be out until tomorrow.




2. Family Meeting


Amber Pixie Wells, Jessica, Holly Dey and Miss Susan




Susan has had it with her three daughters’ behavior. Completely fed up, she decides to take a page straight from ‘The Old Woman Who Lived In A Shoe’ and spank Jessica, Pixie, and Holly each soundly and send them to bed.





3. Stepfather’s Rights


Chloe Elise and George Richards




With her mom out of town, Chloe thinks she can do whatever she wants. She is getting a big kick out of taunting her stepfather, George, about the fact that he can’t discipline her until a quick call from Mom changes all that.


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Coming Soon

Spanking Kitty


Kitty Catherine and Skyler Grey








Great Update Ten Laziness – part 2

There is something just so fantastic about Ten getting the strap on her adorable bare bottom.

Ten getting the strap

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Pixie Cookie Drive – part 1

pixie spanked
Veronica spanking pixie otk

Pixie and Lily Anna have come up short on the funds for the cookie drive. Veronica believes the girls need a lesson in responsibility and first pulls Pixie over her lap for a spanking. Nigel Bradham Authentic Jersey

Dia The Interview – part 2

dia spanked

Dia spanked

Will Dia take the job as Veronica’s assistant if this is only the interview?

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