Site Updates

Bronte France – part 2

bronte spanked by david pierson

David Spanks bronte soundly

Bronte is well spanked but still a fiery brat. Will she be so sassy after some time reflecting in the corner?

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Lily Anna Recanted Statement – part 1

Lilly Anna spanked

Lilly Anna gets a well earned otk spanking

Lily Anna recanted her entire statement in the middle of courtroom testimony making a fool out of her lawyer, Susan. Susan doesn’t feel the girl understands the severity of her actions and gives her a well deserved lesson.

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Bronte France – part 1

I have to admit it’s really nice to see this cute perky bottomed girl back on the site!


bronte spanked by david Pierson

David Pierson spanking the cute Bronte

Bronte broke away from her class trip to France and snuck off to Paris on her own. Upon her return to the school, she is informed she must consent to five days of corporal punishment in order not to be expelled.


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Punished Brats Update Juliet Moving Out – part 2

juliet valentina after a sound spanking from Veronica

juliet valentina after a sound spanking from Veronica

Juliet may be moving out, but she will always be Veronica’s daughter, so will this be the last maternal spanking she gets? Probably not.

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Pixie Sorority Showdown- part 1

Pixie tipped off the college administration about the wild parties one of the sororities were throwing. After thoroughly punishing the sorority girls, Veronica takes the paddle to Pixie’s bottom for being a tattle.

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Joelle Webcam Girl – part 2

Joelle spanked otk with a brush

Joelle spanked with a brush

Bet her webcam fans would love to see Joelle’s glowing red bottom after Miss Chris is done giving her a hairbrush spanking. Jordan Whitehead Authentic Jersey

Juliet Moving Out – part 1

Juliet spanked

Veronica spanking Juliet

Juliet is moving out to live on her own and is looking forward to the freedom. But she gets a little carried away in mentioning all of the sneaking around she’s done while still living under Veronica’s roof, so Veronica is going to make sure her daughter is sent off with a thoroughly punished bottom.

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PB Update April 25, 2011 Lavender Saboteur – part 2

Lavender is going to have to do her overtime standing up!

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Joelle Webcam Girl – part 1

joellespankedMiss Chris catches her niece Joelle getting ready to strip on webcam for Sexy College Coeds. She immediately drags the scantily clad girl into position for a hairbrush spanking.

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Lorraine Aunt Steps In – part 2

Fresh mouthed Lorraine is still trying to take control of the situation by telling Amber when the spanking should end. But Amber won’t stop until she decides it’s enough.

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