Changes Coming to Punishedbrats

There are several things  with regard to Punishedbrats that need some work. First, we need to update our website. I often joke that for 1998 it looks great.

To be honest, my Ex- partner Pixie did a terrific job. I know how hard she worked at it with the tech available at the  time . Trust me I know. The strength of the site is its simplicity.  In this day and time we need to move on.

My worry is to make our site more complicated.


When we opened seemed as if we were an instant success,, On that day I was working a shoot for Spanking Epics. We did much better than I would ever dared to think possible.

This remained our normal state for years. Pixie , a partner in the biz wanted to work just for it. So she did for many years.


In 2010 my brother had another recurrence of his cancer. Pixie became ill as well as we were gradually hit by new market forces .



Rick died in June of 2011, While still involved Pixie gradually moved away from modeling as she was too sick to do so.

How I kept PB open in a declining market still baffles me.  I would have closed it at some point but the debt I ran up paying Pixie and other fixed costs  required that I keep it going.

I really miss Pixie but . I am thrilled that she is doing so well.

However, in the interim I needed to clear debt. With the way the industry was going I knew we were looking at a no win sort of issue.

Now that the debt is cleared I can end PB once I clear my legal requirement with CCbill. That would take me at least six months in to  the future


Do I want to close? Absolutely not. But that being said I need your support.  I’d love to do this full time but our sales are too up then down.

I have folks working on a new design of the site. I have an idea for a new schoolgirl site but none of this can happen without your support. None of my brats are partners so I don;t feel comfortable in using any of them as our face the way I did with Pixie. I have no sugarddaddies for the reason stated before

I have so much great stuff coming. But if PB is to thrive we need your support.


I can think of three spinoff sites I’d like to do but none will happen with sales as they are.



$17.00 for 30 days – recurring membership
$22.00 for 30 days – non-recurring
$50.00 for 6 Months – non-recurring

A monthly subscription is less than one night a the movies.

Yes we do have an option for a six month subscription at $50.00


We do have changes coming but our future is in your hands


Such is true for the entire industry.



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