Changes To PB: Special Thanks To Pixie

I want to thank Pixie for keeping an eye on the business while I was in Florida on vacation.  She got sick last week and went above and beyond the call of duty when shot was able to get an update up after surgery, while heavily medicated on Morphine. In her usual way , she referred to it as  a medical drama llama .  A bit of an understatement. Then she went on to talk about Joelle’s panties.

She wrote a nice piece on panties and spanking. Do read give it a Read.

Last night we debuted the first of the newlyweds series with Ginanna Love, her real-life boyfriend Tyler, and me.

 To see the video just click on the image below.


On September 22, we will be shooting with Ten Amourette


   And Veronica Bound


We will be entering a new era with this shoot. A fan’s premise will be what we shoot then. Pixie will  be picking a winner soon. Punishedbrats has, by necessity,  have been evolving over the past year. I think we are a bit edgier while retaining our sense of Wimsey.

                               Tara ( Who will be back in October)


                           Audrey ( who will be back soon)

So what’s the surprise? You will need to wait and see.

Stay turned to Punishedbrats by clicking on this pic of Joelle.

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