Cheerleader Forgets Her Routine part 1: Coach Wells is not happy





This is the first chapter in out ‘Seven Scenes of Spanking ‘ series. Brought to you by Scott’s House Of Panties.




Cheerleader Forgets Her Routine part 1



Mandie Rae and Amber Pixie Wells






Miss Wells was very upset with Mandie when she completely forgot her routine during the homecoming game. Miss Wells demands the best of her team and is a strict disciplinarian. When Mandie could not provide a good answer as to why she performed so poorly, Miss Wells took the brat over her lap and gave her a good spanking. The punishment started over her panties, but a shriek of “no” reverberated through the halls as the irate coach lowered her panties and spanked her hard.





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Mandie Rae




Amber Pixie Wells







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