Chloe’s Spanking Tales: The Entire Story can Now Be told





Chloe’s Spanking Tales


Chloe Noir, David Pierson  and Bianca Rose




Scene 1: Fashionably Late





Following her runway show, Chloe had gone out with some friends and didn’t get home until 6AM. Upon her arrival home, Chloe was confronted by her father who noted that very little good happens when staying out with that crowd.
Chloe attempted to defend her behavior instead of listening to her father’s warning. Soon, she found herself over her father’s lap, whose greatest fear was realized when he lifted her skirt to find that she was not wearing patients. Soon, Chloe was pleading for her punishment to stop.
Chloe’s father spanked her bare bottom until he was certain she was not to be a casualty of the life style. After her punishment was at its end, Chloe was placed in the corner with her bare red bottom on display. While chastising her in the corner, her father gave her a few sharp swats to make his point.


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Now a few stills from the movie



fashionvg1-1 fashionvg1-2 fashionvg1-3 fashionvg1-4 fashionvg1-5 fashionvg1-6 fashionvg1-7 fashionvg1-8 fashionvg1-9 fashionvg1-10 fashionvg1-11 fashionvg1-12 fashionvg1-13 fashionvg1-14 fashionvg2-1 fashionvg2-2 fashionvg2-3 fashionvg2-4 fashionvg2-5 fashionvg2-6 fashionvg2-7 fashionvg2-8 fashionvg2-9 fashionvg2-10 fashionvg2-11 fashionvg2-12 fashionvg2-13 fashionvg2-14 fashionvg2-15 fashionvg2-16


Scene 2: Senior Attitude






Chloe was sentenced to detention for disrespecting a teacher. While sitting in detention, Chloe began to complain to miss Bianca. After being warned to stop, Chloe soon found herself bent over the desk for a bare bottom spanking.

After Miss Bianca had finished spanking the bratty girl with senioritis, she then had her come across her knee for a very sound spanking that left Chloe in tears. She was then made to sit upon her chair with her sore bottom firmly placed upon the seat of her chair. Chloe could not believe the restraint it took to sit on her chair as the tears rolled down her face.



stude1-2 stude1-3 stude1-4 stude1-5 stude2-1 stude2-2 stude2-3 stude2-4





Now a few stills from the video





studevg1-1 studevg1-2 studevg1-3 studevg1-4 studevg1-5 studevg1-6 studevg1-7 studevg1-8 studevg2-1 studevg2-2 studevg2-3 studevg2-4 studevg2-5 studevg2-6 studevg2-7 studevg2-8 studevg2-9 studevg2-10 studevg2-11 studevg2-12 studevg2-13



Scene 3: The Senior Strikes Back





Not forgetting her recent spanking during detention, Chloe decided she wanted some pay back from Miss Bianca. Chloe, doing her research, found a picture of Miss Bianca in an adult publication and threatened to expose her if she didn’t agree to take a spanking. Reluctantly, the tall redhead agreed and was made to remove all of her clothing below her waist. She was shocked at the intensity of the spanking by Chloe who spanked many sensitive areas aside from her bottom. Chloe even spanked Miss Bianca with the teacher’s own shoes.
After the teacher suffered a hard over the knee spanking, Chloe made Miss Bianca stand and bend over the desk. She spanked her bottom and thighs until the lovely instructor was red from her bottom to just above her knees and was required to stand in the corner once her suffering was at an end.



strikes1-2 strikes1-3 strikes1-4 strikes1-5 strikes1-6 strikes1-7


strike2-1 strike2-2 strike2-3 strike2-4 strike2-5 strike2-6


Now a few stills from the movie




strikesvg1-1 strikesvg1-2 strikesvg1-3 strikesvg1-4 strikesvg1-5 strikesvg1-6 strikesvg1-7 strikesvg1-8 strikesvg1-9 strikesvg1-10 strikesvg1-11 strikesvg1-12 strikesvg1-13 strikesvg1-14 strikesvg1-15 strikesvg1-16 strikesvg1-17 strikesvg1-18 strikesvg1-19 strikevg2-1 strikevg2-2 strikevg2-3 strikevg2-4 strikevg2-5 strikevg2-6 strikevg2-7 strikevg2-8 strikevg2-9 strikevg2-10 strikevg2-11 strikevg2-12 strikevg2-13 strikevg2-14 strikevg2-15 strikevg2-16 strikevg2-17 strikevg2-18 strikevg2-19 strikevg2-20 strikevg2-21 strikevg2-22 strikevg2-23




Scene 4: The Young Nanny







Chloe’s father was at his wit’s end with the behavior of his brilliant but poorly behaved daughter. In desperation, he called a nanny agency recommended by a friend whose daughter suffered from a behavioral issues. When Bianca Rose made her appearance, the father was taken aback as she was but a few years older than his daughter. He was assured that Bianca was a highly trained professional who knows how to deal with a poorly controlled young adult. Upon meeting her new nanny, Chloe assumed that she was but another in a long line of servants and wanted her nanny to drive her to a friend’s house as her daddy had taken her car keys away. Bianca made it clear that the brat was going nowhere until her chores were done. When she got nothing but lip from the spoiled rich girl, Bianca pulled out her nanny paddle and began to methodically punish her charge. In a perfectly organized way, Chloe’s spanking started over her shorts then proceeded to her boy-shorts and then her bare bottom. Chloe begged and pleaded for her punishment to stop but this would not happen until she had learned her lesson.
As the leather paddle landed time and again upon her bare bottom, Chloe was quickly learning that her nanny was no Mary Poppins, as instead of a spoon full of sugar, Bianca offered but the bitter pill of discipline. Once her punishment was over, the tearful brat was made to stand in the corner to contemplate the consequences that resulted from her poor behavior.




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I think that this is Chloe’s best performance to date.  Do check it out as the full series. Join us here at PBS-PunishedBratsSpanking




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