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Pixie says: From Last Weeks shoot







It takes skill and an artistic flare to match the color of a  girl’s bottom to the precise color of her hair. Beverly Bacci   proves that she is just that talented as she spanks Kayleigh May to a brilliant shade of red.


I had lots of fun shooting this brat. Speaking of shooting, we are back in the studio to shoot a commissioned work this Saturday. A gentleman named Scott Henry is our benefactor. Instead of shooting a full series, we are shooting several different stories.

Mr. Henry chose Adriana Evans to be in the project. He had also chosen Veronica to do the spanking, but due to her fractured leg suffered in an auto-accident Miss Audrey will do the honors. Adriana has been a big hit with our fans.














Audrey is a terrific switch too.




I spoke with Mr. Henry today and we reviewed the stories that we are to tell.  I love working with specific goals in mind. We have shot a lot in the past few weeks.


I had a very pleasant conversation with Pixie late this afternoon. It seems that a few things will be changing here on the farm. She and I will talk of that later. Today she and I joked about the simulated sex scene the I had shoot with Miss Pandora. In the course of our discussion I noted that I thought my son did a great job on main cam ( with Audrey on cam 2) in shooting that scene. ( He did exactly as I told him. It was a series of complicated shots. ) Pixie said that she believed that he was less than pleased as Pandora and I rolled about in my bed, my wife’s side of the bed. She noted that through the microphone she could hear him groan and say things like ” Oh my God! Jesus Christ” You get the picture.


Too bad kid.











Tomorrow I need to finish the scripts for Saturday. This should be fun.




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