Coming Attractions: sounds vaguely dirty huh?



So tomorrow night we will be bringing you Episodes 4-5 of ‘ The New Principal’  .

This was shot at ‘The Walking Fish Theater’ in front of an audience. This is part of our celebration of our tenth year as a member’s site. so tomorrow night you will get the episodes I mentions and the entire series.  ( On July 2, it will be eleven years since our first Punishedbrats shoot . That was the day PB was born. July 2, 2005) . If you want I have that shoot on DVD.


Here is a sample of Episodes 1-3 of ‘ The New Principle’


Cadence Lux, Veronica Bound and Audrey



This is the second series that we presented as a downloadable DVD or full movie. Just for our members as a way of thanking you for the support we’ve received over the past ten years.


Our first was ‘ The Pet


Penny Stone, Bianca Rose and Adriana Evans


Episodes 1-3


Episodes 2-6




In case you haven’t picked up on this our ‘Exquisite Torment’ ( joint production of Punishedbrats and Veronica Bound Productions)

The Torment Of Lady Bianca is something of a sequel to ‘The Pet’

Here is a sample from ‘ The Preparation


Bianca Rose and Veronica Bound.

( Audrey did an amazing job as my co-director)




One thing we are working on is presenting our material in VR.


Here is how to become a member of our family.


$17.00 for 30 days – recurring membership
$22.00 for 30 days – non-recurring
$50.00 for 90 days – non-recurring


Do let me know what series you’d like to see next week.  Write me at




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