Coming Out Party: The Pet Had Less Then A Sterling Debut



Coming Out Party


Penny Stone and Bianca Rose







Bianca was anxious to present her pet to those in her social circle. All was going well until a powerful senator made a sexual advance on Bianca’s pet- to which Penny responded with a loud blistering rebuke. Penny was unaware, but this was a major political defeat for Lady Bianca. After their arrival home, Bianca took her pet over her knee for a hard spanking.

After Lady Bianca finished spanking her pet, Penny suffered the greatest pain of all. She was denied the comforts of her mistresses’ bed and was sent to spend the night in her cage.



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Now a few stills from the movie


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So if you were up at the wee hours of the morning and on twitter you would have found me having a meltdown.  We had been heavily pirated last week and our sales gradually died. Some, in an futile attempt to comfort me, tried to say it’s just the ups and downs of the biz. I account for that to be honest.  There is a sales pattern when our material is out there for no sales. Hell of a pattern eh?  I was so upset that I was unkind to one of my dearest friends and collaborators. That I truly regret.  Let me say that if you value something then you must support it.  If you love NPR you need to send you local station some money. If you value Punishedbrats then you need to support us. That includes any site you value. For us a monthly membership is $17.00. Less then a night at the movies.  Do support those sites you love and don’t go looking for free stuff.  Doing so will put us under. I had a guy write me and say I’m like the boy who cried wolf.  Let me reply, I’m working on a time frame.  If you knew how I have felt all day you’d know that was no joke.


Things to look for: The Punishedbrats site will soon be revamped. It will connect to the old site created by Pixie.  In the near future you will see my new venture with Veronica Bound. This is called Exquisite Pain. V will be the tormentor. Our first victim was Bianca playing the role of Lady Bianca. She was the scapegoat for losing the war and sentenced to a punishment before the United Northern States ans the world.
















The Good new is that member’s of Punishedbrats will see the Exquisite Pain product line but there will be an exquisite pain website too. More to come soon.



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