Confession: Good for the soul, bad for the bottom




Confession part 1



Candence Lux and Joelle Barros











Since her last spanking, Cadence had come to realize what a brat she has been and decided to do better. Her marks in school improved along with her behavior. She felt a sense of accomplishment in this. She was devastated one day when she did poorly on a test at school. She confessed this to Joelle and admitted that she hadn’t put the time in that she should have. Joelle was pleased that her little sister took responsibility for her failure but also that Cadence needed to have a consequence for this lack of effort. She decided to give her sister a sound spanking. Cadence, while frightened and a bit humiliated went over her sister’s lap without complaint, aware that she deserved this punishment. Joelle started that spanking over her sister’s tight fitting jeans, then her bare bottom. As the pain from her spanking built Cadence began to question the wisdom of her decision.





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