Conflict Resolution: A Special Presentation





Conflict Resolution


Amber Pixie Wells and Brittany



Pixie and Britney were two of the top students at the exclusive Prep School, but they’re also bitter rivals. One day, this rivalry boiled over into a fist fight. Both were sent to Dean Pierson’s office for their punishment. Pixie has been an old friend of the dean and has been spanked many times for her behavior, but Britney never had the pleasure. Pixie was the first to go over the dean’s lap and she felt thorough humiliation as her panties were lowered in front of her rival. She was spanked until her bottom and upper thighs were glowing red. During her punishment, Pixie made the mistake of saying something inappropriate to the dean and this would earn her an extra punishment. Then, it was Britney’s turn to go over Dean Pierson’s lap. Her body shook during her entire punishment. After her spanking, she was placed next to Pixie standing by the fireplace. The dean then made Pixie kneel upon the chair, and stick out her bottom for 12 hard strokes of the cane. Each stroke brought a loud yell from the blonde brat. a loud yell from

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Now a few stills from the movie



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For quite awhile we have been asked to show this movie in it’s complete form. This is really a classic, in fact it’s such a classic that PB hadn’t opened yet.

I now remember this shoot with great fondness but on the day we shot this I had murder on my mind.   Brittany was the first local girl we brought in and the poor girl was scared to death. It took us four hours to shoot two scenes. Hence this opus with Pixie really being the featured brat.  This was our Christmas shoot of 2005.  After this scene Brittany had once scene to go.  It was called scratched Lexus.  I decided to take charge. I asked Brittany to trust me and let her inner little girl come out. That worked out great. After that day I never thought I’d  work with Brittany again. She called a few times but I always put her off. Then Sarah Gregory called me and told me how good she was. She was absolutely right. Brittany had come a long way.


Hope you like this. Lots of work sent into making it presentable.


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