Conflict: Very close to a true story





Brittney and David Pierson




Brittney is spanked for smacking her fiance with her phone in a fit of rage.


Brittney promises to tone down her hostile attitude but her uncle David is going to make sure she has changed her ways before letting her off his lap.



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I’ve been asked to tell the story. This chapter of our  the ‘ Her Perfect Day’ story is very much based on a true event. As our wedding was approaching, my now spouse, was stressing out.  I never saw this coming. Never in a million years did I expect my brilliant lover, ( a physicist) to fall for this perfect day foolishness.


       One day, my mother and her’s had something of a tiff. My mother required a seating arrangement conducive to the liking of her guests. Her mother wasn’t very happy. My father, being a doctor had friend who were doctors, lawyers and such. Her family was much more of the working class. ( as was my father. The first in his family to attend the university, let alone become a physican).  What my soon -to-be did not understand was that our guests were going to give us lots of money.

After a heated conversation with her mother, my darling picked up the phone and said ” I’ve had it with your bitch of a mother and I;m going to tell her so”!. I took the phone out of her hands and placed it back on the wall. It was our only phone.  I told her to calm down and relax. As i turned my back I felt someting heavy hit the crown of my head, and slowy felt a warm trickle of blood slowly ooze down my face.

She applogized immediately. ” I’m so sorry” she cried as she applied a gause to my head.


 It was later that night when I came to bed, holding a wooden spoon that she knew a punishment was coming. I picked up my, hot blooded young, Italian brat, took her over my lap and spanked her untill she cried. She never cared for that spoon. The story got back to my family, missing only the fact that she was going to curse out my mother.  For years people would sing the bell tell jingle ‘ Reach out, reach out and touch someone”.



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