Controversy: Three Strikes






There has been some controversy regarding this series.  Not all among my team liked this.  I remember that I’d often catch Audrey covering her eyes as we shot some of the more intense scenes, which isn’t a good thing as she was running camera 2 at the time.


Context is everything i guess.  The plan from the beginning was to shoot something intense .  Mandie was refereed to us by Adriana. She knew what I planned to shoot, but one look at this adorable child and I couldn’t see putting her though what I had in mind.   I said to her, ” people will hate me for what I plan to do”.   She was just too cute for the Discipline Camp scenes. Originally, I planned to do Five Days of Discipline.  This brilliant young woman came up with the idea that we use her cuteness in beginning and ending scenes and put her through hell in the middle.  In truth, her two domestic discipline scenes were shot first and the three camp scenes followed.




concerned1-1 concerned1-2 concerned1-3 concerned1-4 concerned1-5 concerned1-6 concerned1-7 concerned1-9 concerned1-10


The pics above are from scene 1: Concerned Father, Little Anarchist ‘.

That just seems right, this adorable kid getting spanked by her father.


She was recently spanked by Amber Pixie Wells in three scenes.



cheerleader1-1 cheerleader1-2 cheerleader1-3 cheerleader1-4 cheerleader1-5 cheerleader1-6 cheerleader1-7 cheerleader1-8 cheerleader1-9 cheerleader1-10 cheerleader1-11 cheerleader1-12 cheerleader2-1 cheerleader2-2 cheerleader2-3 cheerleader2-4 cheerleader2-5 cheerleader2-6 cheerleader2-7 cheerleader2-8 cheerleader2-9 cheerleader2-10 cheerleader2-11



Being spanked by the Pixie is no joke. She spanks hard.  Some folks really love the ‘ Discipline Camp ‘ scenes and others detest them. I think Pixie spanked her just as if not harder than I did in their three scenes.  Mandie was spanked once by hand and twice by hairbrush.




















I almost forgot, Audrey spanked her with a wooden spoon too.



pp9 pp10



I think that context is everything. I know for a fact that I spanked Penny Stone much harder.



penny7 penny8 penny9 pennystoneheadshot




So tomorrow be ready to loathe me one again as it will be Day 3 for Mandie at camp

intake1-11 intake2-1 intake2-2 intake2-3 intake2-4 intake2-5 intake2-6 intake2-7 intake2-8 intake2-9 intake2-10 intake2-11 intake2-12 intake2-13



I’d be interested in hearing your opinions on this.

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