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Cookie Monster



Audrey and Perth


You’d think Audrey would have learned her lesson after being strapped for releasing the unflattering image, but she is still trying to push Perth’s buttons. This time she lets it slip that despite touting a strict diet, he has a weakness for cookies and is known to devour a box at a time. It’s back over Perth’s knee for Audrey.

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To see the video preview just click on the lovey, yet stunned, face of Audrey.





Now kids, you may remember that this is part of a Romantic Comedy known as ‘Public Relations’.



                    Pixie described the story this way:


Public Relations
Perth is a well known fitness guru complete complete with his own line of As Seen On TV home exercise equipment. Audrey is his newly hired PR rep who seems to be doing everything in her power to sabotage him. Is she out to destroy his business or does she have something else in mind entirely?

     Tonight is Chapter 3.


I remember giving Audrey the script and she said” Oh good, I get to play an adult’.

This story is available on DVD

Do let me know if you enjoy story lines such as this.


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