Dark Dance III: The New Model



Dark Dance III: The New Model


Autumn Bodell and Bianca Rose





Autumn wanted to model for her new love, but in the process she learned that Bianca does not see her work as collaboration. With her feelings a bit hurt, Autumn became sarcastic in her responses to the artist. Soon she found herself bent over the library stairs as Bianca went to work on her naked bottom and her most private places. Autumn now knew why Bianca told her that loving her can be painful.
Once Autumn’s punishment with the crop was at an end, she was sure that her marked bottom, thighs and labia brought an end to the shoot. Much to her surprise, Bianca felt that they added something special to the project. Bianca then instructed her subject to raise her arms above her head and then proceeded to closely explore Autumn’s body. While Bianca inspected her armpits, Autumn recalled that Rodin explored the bodies of his subjects in a similar manner. She inquired if she was emulating the great artist. Bianca just looked up and replied, “no, I just love your smell.”




newmodel1-1 newmodel1-2 newmodel1-3 newmodel1-4 newmodel1-5


model2-1 model2-2 model2-3 model2-4


Now a few stills from the movie


newmodelvg1-1 newmodelvg1-2 newmodelvg1-3 newmodelvg1-4 newmodelvg1-5 newmodelvg1-6 newmodelvg1-7 newmodelvg1-8 newmodelvg1-9 newmodelvg1-10 newmodelvg1-11 newmodelvg1-12 newmodelvg1-13


modelvg2-1 modelvg2-2 modelvg2-3 modelvg2-4 modelvg2-5 modelvg2-6 modelvg2-7 modelvg2-8 modelvg2-9 modelvg2-10 modelvg2-11 modelvg2-12 modelvg2-13 modelvg2-14 modelvg2-15 modelvg2-16 modelvg2-17 modelvg2-18 modelvg2-19









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