Dark Dance Of The Heart III: Critical Mistake




Dark Dance Of The Heart III: A Critical Mistake


Autumn Bodell and Bianca Rose









Bianca and Autumn were enjoying one another in the tub when a call came in from Bianca’s agent. She noted that Autumn had picked a fight with a highly influential critic from New York. Autumn, in her defense, note that said critic was making snide comments about Bianca’s work. Bianca took her lover from the tub and into their bedroom. Autumn was taken over Bianca’s lap and given a lesson in artistic temperament



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Now a few stills from the movie



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Thank you for your support of our Dark Dance  series. This was  inspired by Joelle Barros who called me on night and told me she wanted to be Marlon Brando. What she didn’t know, she didn’t mean  Brando from ‘On The Waterfront’ or ‘Glass Menagerie or even ‘The GodFather  ‘.. She wanted to be the Brando of ‘ The Last Tango In Paris’. We did two productions of Joelle as Brando. Now our Brando is Bianca Rose.

From what i hear Joelle, the last of the brats who had the privilege of shooting with my brother has retired from on-camera work . As always we’ve moved on and in this chapter Bianca has met a woman willing to submit to her to learn from the one gifted,


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