Dark Dance Of The Heart 2?





So today I was seeing a patient when my phone started to blow up. Twitter was calling


It started with this posting from Dave of The Cherry Red Report


  1. Is this a dream? @Joelle_Barros spanking @BiancaRoseModel ? @davidpierson I can’t even.. http://www.cherryredreport.com/2015/04/29/gifs-punished-brats-spanking/ … #spanking #punishedbrats

    punished brats

    So Dave really liked the opening chapter I see.

    This followed quickly

    1. @davidpierson @Joelle_Barros @cherryredreport Oh my does this sound like fun!

      I loved everything about shooting the movie. Loved the collaboration with the cast, shooting it, everything . ( except for the fucking snow)  ‘ Dark Dance ‘ was inspired by Joelle one night as we were texting. She noted that she wanted to play Brando in one of our films. She is heavily influenced by ” Last Tango In Paris”.

      This film  had the obsessive love and tragedy right. I’d love to see Bianca and Joelle get togther again.

      As Joelle Noted

       joelle barros@Joelle_Barros Protected Tweets @davidpierson @ @cherryredreport @BiancaRoseModel I’m sure much more spanking goes on in that twisted yet unforgettable love affair

      I redacted the name of a gentleman in this conversation . Such a nice guy. Bought a long term membership to PB at Boardwalk Badness. If you want to talk about doing something similar just write me.

      O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O

      Joelle and Bianca were a great match. Two young women of style of sophistication. Audrey was amazing too.


3 Responses to “Dark Dance Of The Heart 2?”

  • That fine gentleman also bought one from me too c/o Sarah.

    I love Joelle’s switching work, this is a great piece. You should be proud of it.
    I am also excited to show her off in the 2nd part of my own “Spankings & Orgasms” when the girls did what they had to do to earn that title!

    Pity I couldn’t have been there to say “Hi!” :)

    • admin:

      This was special. She was an incarnation of Marlon Brando in Ultimo Tango A Parigi . She was amazing.

  • Tim:

    Very nice with the 2 girls ,best Tim .