Dark Dance Of The Heart II: Episodes 1-3



Dark Dace Of The Heart II



Bianca Rose, Joelle Barros and Audrey




Episode 1: A Love Rekindled







It has been several months since Joelle sent Bianca packing during a snow storm. She has regretted that ever since. She felt that her book and life were now incomplete. Against the advice of Audrey, her editor, Joelle departed New York for the secluded house in the woods. Upon encountering the lovely red head in town one night, they resumed their passionate and combustible relationship. After spending the night together, Bianca asked if Joelle would spank her. She hoped that this would absolve her of the guilt she has carried since that snowy day several months ago and this would show that Joelle still loved her. Once Joelle finished punishing her lover, she led Bianca to the corner by the bed where she could admire her handiwork and satisfy her carnal desires.



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Here are a few video grabs

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Episode 2: The Audrey Complication




Audrey had come into Joelle’s retreat house in the woods unannounced only to find Bianca resting in bed. The tall redheaded told Audrey to leave or she’d hit her. She made a half-hearted attempt at striking the powerful editor from New York and soon found herself pushed onto the bed with Audrey on top. Soon the two were exchanging passionate kisses when Joelle came into the room wielding her crop. Joelle was aware of the attraction between Bianca and Audrey and felt that the best way to break that spell was to thoroughly humiliate her dear friend and editor. It is clear that Joelle and Audrey have a complicated relationship, and it is also clear that relationships of this kind are the only sort that Joelle has. In front of Bianca, Audrey was made to slowly remove all of her clothes, allowed to cover nothing. Audrey protested when she was made to go over Bianca’s lap for a spanking. She protested even more when she was instructed to spread her legs while being spanked, for Joelle’s pleasure. Then Audrey screamed when she felt the powerful hands of Bianca descend upon her. As Audrey screamed from the pain of her humiliating punishment at the hands of the tall redhead, she also felt lost. Joelle told her that she was suffering for the good of their relationship and this helped center her. At the end of her very painful punishment, Audrey was put on display as Joelle and Bianca admired her well punished bottom and tormented her further by rubbing their sharp nails into her tender flesh and exposing her most private of places.



complication1-2 complication1-3 complication1-4 complication1-5 complication1-6 complication1-7 complication1-8 complication2-1 complication2-2 complication2-3 complication2-4 complication2-5 complication2-6 complication2-7


A few stills from the movie



complicationvg1-1 complicationvg1-2 complicationvg1-3 complicationvg1-4 complicationvg1-5 complicationvg1-6 complicationvg1-7 complicationvg1-8 complicationvg1-9 complicationvg1-10 complicationvg1-11 complicationvg1-12 complicationvg1-13 complicationvg1-14 complicationvg1-15 complicationvg1-16 complicationvg1-17 complicationvg1-18 complicationvg1-19 complicationvg1-20 complicationvg2-1 complicationvg2-2 complicationvg2-3 complicationvg2-4 complicationvg2-5 complicationvg2-6 complicationvg2-7 complicationvg2-8 complicationvg2-9 complicationvg2-10 complicationvg2-11 complicationvg2-12 complicationvg2-13 complicationvg2-14 complicationvg2-15 complicationvg2-16







Episode 3: Literary Criticism





Bianca asked Joelle to read her short story and offer a critique. When Joelle’s response to Bianca’s work was less than positive, the fiery red haired girl called her lover a bitch. Joelle decided that Bianca needed a special lesson. She was made to prostrate herself on the floor, head down and bottom up. After Joelle removed the girl’s panties, she was completely exposed and vulnerable. Joelle proceeded to discipline Bianca with the crop and her hand. Bianca found it hard to contain her fear as she was punished in this most submissive of positions as Joelle punished her with the crop and hand. Joelle felt that the problem with Bianca’s short story was that it was about nothing. Once her punishment was over, Bianca was required to remain in her exposed position. Joelle noted that once she is granted permission to get up, she’d be happy to help her lover with her story, as she now has something to write about.


literary1-2 literary1-3 literary1-4 literary1-5 literary2-1 literary2-2 literary2-3 literary2-4 literary2-5 literary2-6 literary2-7 literary2-8 literary2-9 literary2-10


A few stills from the movie




literaryvg1-1 literaryvg1-2 literaryvg1-3 literaryvg1-4 literaryvg1-5 literaryvg1-6 literaryvg1-7 literaryvg1-8 literaryvg1-9 literaryvg1-10 literaryvg1-11 literaryvg1-12 literaryvg1-13 literaryvg1-14 literaryvg1-15 literaryvg1-16 literaryvg2-1 literaryvg2-2 literaryvg2-3 literaryvg2-4 literaryvg2-5 literaryvg2-6 literaryvg2-7 literaryvg2-8 literaryvg2-9 literaryvg2-10 literaryvg2-11 literaryvg2-12








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