Dark Dance Of The Heart III – Passion & Pain: Attraction at An Exhibition



Attraction At An Exhibition


Bianca Rose and Autumn Bodell







Bianca was stressing about her big night at the Mitchner. Her multimedia installation was her most ambitious artistic move of her career. On her way in, she was greeted by Autumn. Autumn loved Bianca’s work and said the right words to restore Bianca’s confidence. After the exhibit, Bianca invited her new friend back to her house for an entirely different form of exploration. After thoroughly examining one another’s secret places, Bianca asked if Autumn could stay for a time. She had to let her new object of desire that loving her involved pain as well as pleasure. The tall red head then gave Autumn a demonstration of the pleasure of pain.




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Now a few stills from the movie




attractionvg1-1 attractionvg1-2 attractionvg1-3 attractionvg1-4 attractionvg1-5 attractionvg1-6 attractionvg1-7 attractionvg1-8 attractionvg1-9 attractionvg1-10 attractionvg1-11 attractionvg1-12 attractionvg1-13 attractionvg1-14 attractionvg1-15 attractionvg1-16 attractionvg1-17 attractionvg1-18 attractionvg1-19 attractionvg1-20 attractionvg1-21




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