Deficit Spending: painful lesson in GDP






The Consequences of Deficit Spending


Audrey and Veronica Bound





Audrey was summoned to see Veronica, the head of the family. She places all of her brother’s wives on a strict allowance. In certain egregious circumstances, consequences can be severe. Audrey had arrived in the expensive outfit she had purchased the day before. She was made to take off all of the clothing including her lingerie. When Audrey was reluctant to part with her panties, she found herself over her sister-in-laws lap for several hard whacks with Veronica’s hard hand. She then allowed Veronica to remove her panties. She had hoped that would end her humiliation, but soon found herself dancing to the beat of Veronica’s hand landing on her naked bottom.

Veronica spanked her naked sister in law until she promised to stay within her budget. As with some others, Veronica, has a way for further humiliating the offender; she will send them home in an hideous frock. In Audrey’s case, she was required to dress in a maid’s uniform and then take the bus home.



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Now a few stills from the movie


spendingvg2-1 spendingvg2-2 spendingvg2-3 spendingvg2-4 spendingvg2-5 spendingvg2-6 spendingvg2-7 spendingvg2-8 spendingvg2-9 spendingvg2-10 spendingvg2-11 spendingvg2-12



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