Detention Day 1



Detention Day One



Mia Kay & Gianna Love






This was a fun week and I hope you enjoyed it. I do believe our summer sale ends on Sunday, I haven’t heard from my marketing guy , although I’ve tried, believe me , I’ve tried to reach him for clarification .


Join us here at PBS- PunishedBratsSpanking



Forth of July Explosive Sale Prices!
$17 for 30 days – recurring membership

$20 for 30 days –¬†non-recurring
$50 for Six Months Рnon-recurring 
$100 for One Year Рnon-recurring


It is strange that we named it a 4th of July Sale. We originally planed it as such but couldn’t get it together with CCBILL but the webmaster didn’t get the word. Such is life.


You can find 2000 of our videos at our Clips4sale store too





DVDS too


Now the following is strange. We do offer vids on DVD but I haven’t posted a damn thing there in months. Never got the response I wanted but you can find it here


Very seen other formats too




Well goodnight





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