Dirty Dishes with Charlie Skye: The beginning of ‘The Contract Series

Veronica is trying a new method of getting her daughter Charlie to change her behavior. She’s had her sign a contract agreeing to the rules of the household with spankings as the consequence. But Charlie immediately challenges the contract by refusing to complete her chores.









This is the start of ‘ The Contact’ series. Pixie came up with the idea and I wrote the script.

Here is a look at the process as Pixie and I worked out the storyline.

Pixie said:

With Veronica in the home setting, we could go back to the classic maternal theme.  I was Googling for ideas and came across Home Rules Contract used for difficult teens.  We could modify our series to be called simply, The Contract.


Veronica will be an exasperated mother who has tried everything to reel in her increasingly wild daughter / step-daughter.  As one last step before sending the girl off to an all-girls boarding school, Veronica has decided to take the advice found in a brochure entitled Difficult Teens – Suggestions for Parents.  I can even make up a printed brochure using a campy picture like this for a prop:




Veronica has completed The Contract enclosed with the brochure (see attached pdf which I will modify to list only a line for Veronica to sign and for the girl to sign) and listed out the top 5 offenses.  We can put whatever privileges, but the consequences will all be some kind of spanking — which will coincidentally be the spankings she is to receive in each of the 5 scenes as she of course breaks every one of the rules either to test the limits, to push Veronica’s buttons, or accidentally.  The Contract is almost like the outline of our shoot, but it’s the theme that ties it all together.


Since Veronica is stepping it up and being extra strict, even small things that might not usually be punishable offenses and therefore have not been done in our scenes too often can be used.  Things like not doing the assigned chores (sink full of dishes), caught texting on her cell phone under the sheets at bedtime when she had her phone privileges taken away, defiant attitude such as refusing to take her feet off the coffee table and instead kicking a stack of magazines off the table to make more room for her feet, etc.  Whatever.  Mostly I love the campy brochure with the mother pointing her finger just like V does.


 Only Pixie would come up with this brochure.

To see this video click on the image below:

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