Discipline At Experienced Girlfriend, Inc -Part 1


Discipline At The Experienced Girlfriend, Inc


Audrey and Chloe Noir




Audrey had once again allowed her temper to get the best of her when a client had stiffed her a thousand dollars on her fee instead of just giving Mr. Pierson a call.

He had never failed to retrieve the money owed to any of the women working for the company, and often requires that the violator of the deal pay more. On this day, Audrey knew she was in for some company discipline and even left the door open for Mr. Pierson.


Unexpectedly, instead of Mr. Pierson, in walked Chloe Noir. Chloe was known to fill in for David now and then and word had it she possessed an unusual style of spanking. Audrey attempted to talk her way out of this, somewhat fearful of the unknown quality that is Miss Noir.

Audrey reminded her that she was once one of the girls, but Chloe was unmoved. She instructed Audrey to remove her jacket, exposing her  breasts. She then was bent over the bottom of the bed for discipline.

She immediately found out why Chloe’s style was so feared. One never knew which hand she wound use to strike next. After several spanks upon the seat of her panties, they were suddenly lowered and now the discipline would begin in full.







My webmaster told me how hot this presentation is. It’s always hot with Audrey but this one is a tad different with Chloe (Kung-Fu Panda) doing the spanking.


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