Discipline At The Firm part 1 or Firm Discipline?



Discipline at The Firm part 1


Hunter and Audrey





Hunter was asked to Audrey’s house for the evening. She thought this was a reward for her hard work on a high tech IPO. Instead, Audrey, the head of the department, instructed that she was aware of her insider trading. Hunter was confused for a moment, but Audrey pointed out that her boyfriend had invested and made a significant amount in this transaction. Hunter remembered that she had bragged to him about her work but never expected him to act upon this information. Hunter feared that she was soon to end up in jail, but Audrey quickly assuaged this concern. She noted that she was to be spanked for this transgression. At this firm, this was a low level form of punishment. Audrey spanked the young associate so hard that the tears formed immediately in addition to many apologies.



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Now a few stills from the movie



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This just in: Audrey has just a few spots open in the next few days. They go fast. This is your chance to play with a star of the spanking cinema .




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