Discipline Camp Day 2 part 1: can i stay in bed?





Day Two -part 1



Mandie Rae and David Pierson









It is day two for Mandie at Discipline Camp and she was up all night fretting about what fresh hell her disciplinarian had planned for her. When she was summoned to the Punishment Room, Mandie found that she couldn’t move so great was her fear. She was reminded that if the staff needed to assist her, the punishment that she faced would be worse. She entered the room of punishment, under her own steam, with tears already flowing down her face. She was made to strip off her camp issued pants and to lay on her belly, on a bed that has been put there for her punishment. Several pillows were stuffed under her pelvis so that her bottom was thrust upwards, providing the disciplinarian the best target. He informed that girl that she was to be punished by strap. Soon the room was filled with cries, tears and regret.





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