Do You Know What Time It Is?!



Do You Know What Time It Is?!


Nadia White and Skyler Grey



It was after midnight as Nadia came strolling in to find her mother quite upset. Nadia was to have been home by 10:30 as mommy had a date. Sklyer had planned a night of intense fetish fun but her daughter’s lateness ruined her hopes. She decided to take out her need for fetish play upon her daughter’s bottom as punishment.

Nadia was frightened and confused as her mother had her kneel upon a chair for her spanking. After a quick discussion, Mom’s hand descended hard upon her daughter’s bottom.

Soon, Nadia felt the full fury of her mother’s capacity to administer punishment as her panties were lowered and Nadia felt the sting of her mother’s hand and the strap upon her exposed flesh.

After a hard punishment by hand and strap upon her bare bottom, Nadia learned that interfering with her mother’s fetish fun proved to be a painful experience.

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I love working with Nadia and Skyler. Just amazing people.


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